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Go Mobile With Your Video Surveillance System

New apps and remote access tools let you monitor your IP-based video cameras any where, any time.

Until recently, you had two options for 24-hour video surveillance of your business. You could install an on-site video surveillance solution and monitor the video in shifts, or you could hire a security company to provide surveillance around the clock from its facility. Neither of those options are particularly viable solutions for most small companies. Thanks to IP network cameras, the Internet and mobile devices, though, you now have a third option for continuous surveillance. With video cameras installed on site and connected to the Internet via your IP network, you can use remote access tools and mobile applications to easily monitor your business at any hour and from any location.

Because an IP-based video surveillance system puts your video cameras and monitoring software online on your network, the solution can deliver a variety of access capabilities, including real-time streaming video, email alerts, and remote control capabilities. For example, you can keep an eye on the cash register from your desktop while working in the back office. Or, you can receive email alerts to your smartphone if a camera captures someone walking into your server closet.

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