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Medianet at CA World ’11 in Las Vegas

Cisco was a platinum sponsor at CA World 2011 that occurred Nov13-16, 2011. The medianet team had a booth and  a session presented by Ulrica de Fort-Menares –  TM100SN Enhancing Video and Application Experiences with Cisco Medianet. Thank you all who stopped by our booth and watched Ulrica’s session.  It was great to speak with all the visitors that came by the booth or attended the session.

At the booth we demo’d the recently released Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager 1.1 , our comprehensive application management tool that has live awareness of active telepresence sessions that allows operators to use medianet capabilities like performance monitor and mediatrace in the network to monitor service levels for these calls. Operators are alerted to issues detected by the endpoints and they can drill into the session to find the path and quickly determine what nodes in the network are contributing to loss or jitter. The tool also makes use of the IPSLA Video Operations feature that enables validation of a network path with more simulated video traffic. Yes this can be done to an extent with IPSLA, this new enhancement allows for more realistic traffic than previously available.

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Medianet Heating Up Russia

Cisco won the Breakthrough Technology award in the Business video category from Open Systems magazine. Open Systems magazine is a leading and one of the oldest periodical editions in Russia, devoted to complex IT infrastructure and information technologies. Cisco was recognized for its medianet innovation.

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Cisco at CA World ’11 in Las Vegas – Come meet the Enterprise Medianet team

Video is the new voice. It is changing the way we collaborate and communicate. Cisco and CA have been working together to help you on your journey to embrace video. Cisco and CA have been partnering to bring innovation to support emerging video requirements, ensure video quality and lower total cost of ownership.

We have demos and theatre presentations. If you plan to attend CA World ’11 in Las Vegas next week, come visit Cisco booth to chat with Cisco technology experts on your video & network implementation and see the Enterprise Medianet demo:

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Cisco Prime Collaboration Manager 1.1 – A visualization and troubleshooting video collaboration management system

Traditionally, management software has had to approach the network as a collection of individual devices. This individual device view leads to management software that presents reports and data along device or interface lines. The applications network traversal experience is lost. While the management software could technically perform the correlation, only very few do due to the complexity required. The medianet mediatrace feature allows the operator and the management software to communicate with a set of network nodes represented by a flow. The data is consolidated and organized into a single report by the network and presented to the requestor. This allows the management system to query a set of nodes that it has not discovered, is managing or have direct contact with. Due to the built in correlation of the report mediatrace makes it trivial for the management system to do path analysis and flow analysis.

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CA NetQoS® Unified Communications Monitor 3.2 Supports Medianet Performance Monitor

CA NetQoS has successfully completed the interoperability testing with Medianet 2.2 for its product CA NetQoS® Unified Communications Monitor 3.2 through the medianet systems management Cisco Developer Network  (CDN) program.

The CA NetQoS team was in our lab in RTP for two days, Read More »

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