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Giving Thanks For The Virtual Lost and Found Box: Social Media

Clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on It’s not everyday that a lost item gets returned to you via your company blog. But that’s exactly what happened to Jeff Squyres, Cisco’s High Performance Network Computing blogger.

Jeff was attending SC’11 (Supercomputing) show in Portland, Oregon last week and the morning after leaving the event-sponsored Alexis Hotel, he received a comment from a staff member at the hotel on his Cisco blog that read the following:

Hi Mr. Squyres,

I was just wondering if you stayed at the Alexis Hotel in Seattle recently and if so, do you think you may have left a pair of pants in your room when you checked out? If so you can let me know if you would like them sent to you and your mailing information. You can also contact the hotel directly at: 206-624-4844.

Have a wonderful holiday!
[Alexis Hotel Staff Member]

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