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Economic Innovation within Established Markets

If you’ve been following my commentary about the role of telecom infrastructure investment in new master plan cities, such as Songdo in South Korea — or Howard’s posts about recent developments in Africa — then you may have assumed that the economic gains are likely being reaped mostly in these type of markets. Actually, the positive impact is applicable to all types of environments, including established markets.

As an example, consider the forward-looking plans for the East London Tech City, in the heart of one of Europe’s largest and most established metropolitan areas. UK Prime Minister David Cameron has set out the government’s ambition to build on the existing cluster of technology companies in East London, to create a world-leading technology center.

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Inclusion and Diversity is at the heart of recruiting Olympic volunteers

“The diversity of the workforce at the London Olympics will be “unprecedented” and will be part of the lasting legacy left by the games”, Stephen Frost, head of diversity and inclusion at Locog (the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Read More »

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