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#CiscoChampion Radio S1|Ep 45. Project Squared

December 17, 2014 at 10:59 am PST

CiscoChampion2015200PX#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’re talking with Cisco VP and CTO of Collaboration,  Jonathan Rosenberg, about Project Squared. Kim Austin (@ciscokima) moderates and John Welsh, Joshua Warcop and Rick Vanover are this week’s Cisco Champion guest hosts.

Listen to the Podcast.

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Cisco SME
Jonathan Rosenberg, Cisco VP and CTO, Collaboration (@jdrosen2)

Cisco Champions
John Welsh, (@samplefive), Unified Communications Engineer
Joshua Warcop, (@Warcop), Senior Consultant
Rick Vanover, (@RickVanover), Product Strategy Specialist and Community Manager

What is Project Squared?
Why is Project Squared important?
How is the development of Project Squared different for Cisco?
Project Squared, Webex and Jabber
Use cases for Project Squared
Continuous Delivery Model in Project Squared
Mobile App for Project Squared
Compatibility with external Cloud platforms
Cisco’s approach to open source platforms and open standards
The importance of Project Squared and privacy

Project Squared
Project Squared and h.264 Video
Jonathan Rosenberg on Cisco Blogs

bwhaynes Brad here: Q:What user information is collected by Cisco and how is it used?
chris_nickl i may have missed it but is there any encryption or can i have the data live solely in my datacenter
chris_nickl (as solely as you can on endpoints)
Cisco Champion Radio It sounds complicated — but when you experience it, suddenly it all becomes very straightforward about “which tool for the job”
NathanielAvery can you set rules to block phone numbers and SSNs etc. from being transmitted in chat windows and the like? what about archiving?
Cisco Champion Radio Check out Jonathan’s recent blog posts here:
isseykun for us, UNDP, this is interesting. specially when we have people in islands working with other agencies
isseykun and im concerned about the security of the rooms
bwhaynes Q: regarding security, can Jonathon speak to the collection and use of information where Cisco collects and retains personal information?
isseykun question: files shared within the rooms are stored in the cloud? and how long do they retain? and storage size
Warcop isseykun: I believe it was mentioned that storage is infinite at this time and that may change.
Cisco Champion Radio If you post pictures of your new puppy, you can check back when it’s 3
Cisco Champion Radio Did someone mention H.264?
ghostinthenet So… when are we setting up a Cisco Champions group on Project Squared?
SampleFive we actually did planning for this call on Squared!
ghostinthenet It’s certainly a beginning.
RickVanover I’d love something like this to remove email from my list of things to check.
isseykun q: content shared are editable via this platform, say word,excel,ppt files?
SampleFive no, content is viewable and dowloadable, but not editable within the app
bwhaynes really like the app, its like running with scissors
Cisco Champion Radio @bwhaynes +1
isseykun q: conversations within the room, how far back can we refer to them later? are the chats recorded in some way?
Warcop isseykun: I believe it was mentioned that storage is infinite at this time and that may change.
Cisco Champion Radio If you post pictures of your new puppy, you can check back when it’s 3
Warcop That is a good wrap statement!
chris_nickl this was great, thank you
isseykun thanks everyone
RickVanover yummy!
Mohamed Abousena Thank you so much


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Cisco Recognizes Top Partners at 2014 Collaboration Summit

November 17, 2014 at 7:30 am PST

Last night, we kicked off the 10th Cisco Collaboration Summit at the JW Marriott Live in Los Angeles with an awards dinner to honor our partners around the world. Rowan Trollope, Collaboration Technology Group SVP, and I had the privilege of playing masters of ceremonies for the event. Cisco recognized 27 partners for their exemplary performance across 11 categories.

Awards night group picture

Last night’s fun, excitement, and anticipation was the perfect opening for what’s in store for us over these next few days. Today’s keynotes with John Chambers, Chairman and CEO, Jonathan Rosenberg, VP of the Collaboration Technology Group, Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, and Rowan will reveal amazing new innovations and opportunities that will put collaboration front and center for all of us in 2015. (Be sure to tune into the live streaming event at 1:30 p.m. Pacific or watch the on-demand replay.) You will see that partners are integral to the success of Cisco’s collaboration business. What we achieved this past year, working together, makes it clear we can only reimagine collaboration for our customers by doing it together.

On behalf of Cisco, we thank you for your partnership and applaud you on your success.

Collaboration Summit 2014 Partner Award Winners

Software Superstars: Best job selling software and practice management for WebEx, Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing, Software Support Services, and enterprise agreements Read More »

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Summary: No consensus at IETF, but it’s not over yet

November 19, 2013 at 6:57 am PST

Recently Cisco made significant efforts around open sourcing our H.264 implementation, including covering the MPEG-LA licensing costs for distribution and working with Mozilla to add support for H.264. However, in this attempt to unstick the logjam that has occurred in the standards bodies, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) failed to reach consensus on the selection of a common video codec.

Cisco’s Jonathan Rosenberg explored this topic more in a recent Collaboration blog post. Read on to find out how we’re planning to move forward and why this conversation is definitely not over!

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