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New white paper: “Building your Strategic Roadmap to Hybrid IT”

Hybrid IT has the power to completely transform the role and the value of IT to the business. It is a critical imperative for those CIOs who want to transform themselves from the mere owners of technology stacks to the drivers of their enterprise’s digital transformation. This requires a pragmatic blending of modern technologies through smart multi-sourcing, with re-engineered IT processes to finally meet (and exceed) the expectations of business leaders.

As depicted on the diagram below, Hybrid IT lies at the intersection of ITaaS, Hybrid Cloud and Bi-modal IT. The goal: to deliver Fast IT.

Hybrid IT and Similar concepts

Feeling confused? Here’s a short lexicon:

  • Hybrid IT: modern IT operating model (= organisation/people + processes + technologies) shifting the focus from being a provider only, to becoming a broker of IT services
  • Hybrid Cloud: The focus is on technology, seamlessly bridging private, partner, community and public clouds
  • ITaaS (IT as a Service): The focus is on processes, providing a self-service model built for scale and cost-efficiencies
  • Bi-modal IT: The focus is on organisation/people, combining “system of records” teams (built for efficiency and stability) with “system of engagements” teams (built for flexibility and speed)
  • Fast IT: The result of it all: a fast, efficient, cost-effective system of IT provisioning, that finally meets business needs

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Building a New IT Organization

If someone asked you how to build a new IT organization from the ground up, what would you advise? A Cisco Sales employee asked me that very question last week. Her global customer had recently spun off a new regional group which was planning to do just that –build a completely new IT enterprise organization, with new IT infrastructure, new IT architecture, and new IT processes. She asked me if there were any Cisco IT best practices I could recommend to their newly-named CIO.

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