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Out of Control User = Frenetic IT

When you access your email each day, do you do so at a distance of 15 paces because you’re just not sure what might jump out of that inbox? You can just about anticipate an email detailing how another user has caused a “blip” that will stretch your capabilities to protect both the user during their online engagements and the assets of the company? Or perhaps, there will be an email asking to set up a meeting of all-concerned to discuss how the employees in the sales department believe your information security policies are standing between them and their ability to do their job. Whose responsibility is it to keep the user engaged, informed, and compliant with company policy? Odds are, information technology leads will find their constituents asking how to accomplish something that wasn’t anticipated when the policies were created.

In a previous blog “When Your Employee Doesn’t Want to Come to the Office,” I shared my thoughts on the mobility aspects of the employee who wishes to work remotely. Today Cisco released part two of the Cisco Connected World Report and confirmed my hypothesis above: email inboxes are overflowing and IT departments are racing to catch up as the consumerization of the work place continues. Reading part two of the report, I was encouraged to see that more than 80 percent of IT department respondents noted they had an IT policy. What I found disheartening was the results from the end user, which detailed that ~24 percent of respondents didn’t know a policy existed, let alone where to find it. If that is the case, the escalation of policy collision isn’t going to occur.

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The Workforce is Changing – Shouldn’t IT Policy?

Today, Cisco released the second set of results from its Connected World Report, a global study that looks at employee lifestyles, the importance users place on anytime, anywhere access and how important mobility and flexibility are to workers.  A key take-away from the results is that mobility is definitely going mainstream, and IT policy makers should be prepared to accomodate it. Through additional analysis of the survey results, Cisco has discovered more interesting findings about the relationship between corporate IT policies and users; chiefly, as workers become more mobile and distributed, there is a major disconnect between IT policy and worker behavior.

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Is the New Mobile Workforce Causing IT Policy to Bend or Break?

As the workforce becomes increasingly mobile and employees demand greater flexibility, IT policies will have to evolve. But with concerns like security and productivity weighing heavy on the minds of IT policy makers, are they up for the challenge? On Monday, November 8 at 8:00 a.m. PT, Cisco will host a live Internet TV broadcast and Q&A session to announce key findings from Part II of its Connected World Report. Read More »

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