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Cisco Video Surveillance Manager 7 Facilitates Plant Floor Security Management

Today, about half of the video surveillance cameras sold are IP (versus analog) cameras.  Manufacturers are using video surveillance to ensure safety and security on plant floors and to reduce shrinkage in warehouse and retail locations.

Neil Peterson, the senior manager for wireless marketing at Emerson Process Management was recently quoted in a Control Engineering article, saying that “process plants identified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as critical to the country’s infrastructure must be secured against all threats: cyber and physical”.

In support of the growing demand for IP-based video surveillance in industries including manufacturing, Cisco recently introduced Video Surveillance Manager 7.0 with a suite of hyper-scalable connected physical security solutions.  These can help manufacturers support their video surveillance deployments and configurations in a hyper-scalable and flexible manner.

Cisco’s Guido Jouret, General Manager Emerging Technologies and CTO, discusses Video Surveillance Manager 7

Video Surveillance Manager 7.0, along with Cisco’s related end-to-end Connected Physical Security Solutions give plant and IT managers access to robust video surveillance scalability, network aware intelligence, streamlined implementation and simplified management. 

For more information, please see Cisco’s recent press release or contact your local Cisco account representative.

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Considering the Legal Ramifications of Video Surveillance

Before installing IP cameras at your small business, make sure you understand the potential “gotchas”.

Small businesses install surveillance cameras for many reasons. They keep your business and assets safe, improve productivity, and can provide a strategic advantage. Today’s IP cameras and monitoring software make it easy for any small business to manage its own surveillance. But before you aim any cameras at your front door or shop floor, make sure you carefully consider all of the legal ramifications of setting up video surveillance. There are more legal ”gotchas“ than just what you can and cannot record.

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