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The Internet and Interpol, a Natural Alliance

Over September 15-17 at the 1st Interpol Information Security Conference (, more than 300 delegates from 188 countries came to Hong Kong, and under the care of Interpol and the Hong Kong Police Department, spoke candidly and collaboratively about Information Security and the common challenges we all face. In his welcoming address, Interpol’s Secretary-General Ron Noble mentioned how a Facebook page was created in his name in an attempt to confuse others and socially engineer colleagues. The Hong Kong Commissioner of Police opened his address by comparing technology to the moon: it has a bright side and a dark side. Both speeches hold in common that technology is ubiquitous, we must continue to keep criminal activity at bay, and that the Internet’s global reach means we all share in its continued success and must remain vigilant to protect it from the threats against it. Read More »

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