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12 Interns Share Why They #LoveWhereYouWork (Cisco!)

1700 Interns. 30+ countries. 85+ offices. Interns are a big part of what makes Cisco tick!

I am a Program Manager for The Global Intern Program. We organize events, learning opportunities and more to enhance the intern experience at Cisco.

Cisco is currently asking employees to tell us why they #LoveWhereYouWork. But I wanted to make sure that interns around the world made their voice heard, too!

Here are 12 reasons that our interns #LoveWhereYouWork.

Fränze Winski, Berlin, Germany


“The amazing work we´re doing together as a highly diverse team (openBerlin team: you rock!!), the absolute support in career and in personal life as well as the huge opportunities to develop my skills and building up my knowledge.”


Rakshitha Ram, Bangalore, India


“I can’t deny the amazing feeling of having super high speed internet all the time for the first time since I began to work. Goodies, off sites, team lunches and dinners with awesome people was the best part of it all.”


Gisela Alfaro, Guadalajara, Mexico


“Having the opportunity to be part of such a big industry in one of the best companies of the world.”


David Gefen, Jerusalem, Israel


“I love that with Cisco I am able to be a part of a powerful global community.”


Karol Dziegiel, Krakow, Poland


“PEOPLE. I am peopleholic. People in my Office, people that have visited us, people that I have visited, people that I have cooperated with via TelePresence. And coffee. And pizzas. And parties.”


Seonah Han, Ottawa, ON, Canada


“There are many things I enjoyed as an intern but it’s the learning environment I appreciate the most. I learned so much from my mentor and other engineers in the team. I owe them for all the knowledge I gained during the internship.”


Muath Alghamdi, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


“Being part of the family that changed – and will keep changing – people’s life!”


Michelle Howard, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA


“It’s the people. We have a true “team” culture where we pursue continuous success while sharing many laughs along the way. In my short time with Cisco, I have met countless incredible leaders and individuals, strengthening my belief that Cisco is where I want to be.”


Justin Etzine, San Jose, California, USA


“We get to contribute to the latest Cisco developments, including the Internet of Everything, data science, etc., even as interns. Also, a concert in Levi Stadium with all the San Jose employees was fun, too!”


Yu Dao Yan (Dean), Shanghai, China


“Enjoying the fitness and sports club with other interns.”


Stephanie Souvleris, St. Leonards, Australia


“The support and training you are provided, along with being able to experiment and test on the newest technologies available in the market. This internship gives us responsibility and a purpose, giving us an insight into corporate life, and the skills to communicate and collaborate with different types of people from all around the world!”


Rafael Brabec, Zurich, Switzerland


“The Cisco people and culture are not only open and honest, but the team also cares about you and you feel a part of it immediately.”


Want to #LoveWhereYouWork too? Join us! We’re looking for interns!




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Reflections From Summer Cisco Interns


Cisco Interns aren’t your average interns! Whether they found us by way of LinkedIn or a university info session – no matter if we won them over with some sweet, sweet swag or two pretty little words: Silicon Valley – we’re glad they’re here, and we’re more excited than ever to have these energetic, creative minds helping us to tackle the future. As summer winds down and rolls into fall, we wanted to share the experiences of our summer 2015 HR Interns who offer insights, advice, and their two cents on what’s giving Cisco a bit of the “cool” factor.

When thinking of Cisco a few months ago, most of these interns could only identify the company by the logo being on telephones in offices or the knowledge that routers were involved. But now that they’ve had time to grow from within Cisco, they realize there is so much more to the company who fuels the Internet of Everything.

“Cisco provided a welcoming environment that was enjoyable, comfortable, and changing” Clark Anderson, an intern with Global Benefits: Family Services/Wellness said. These interns, after all, have been here through the CEO transition from John Chambers to Chuck Robbins and have gotten a unique, first-hand experience in how Cisco celebrates its future while honoring its past.

“Cisco says ‘Change the World’ but that never resonated with me because I didn’t even understand what Cisco even did. To hear how John and Chuck have sat down with these leaders to better their country’s circumstances – that left me wanting to know more. After researching, I thought this was something I could really get behind, and I hadn’t thought of that until that moment.”

Golden Gate“If people knew how frequently Cisco was involved in their daily lives and how many things Cisco is doing – we’d realize how cool this company really is!” says Kelly Andrews, an HR Services Intern.

Kayla Viola, an intern with the Talent Brand team, agreed.

“Yes, when you use FaceTime you’re using Apple, but you’re also using Cisco technology!” she realized. “The impact of this technology affects me more than just Cisco’s cool factor. It’s something that matters.”

Plus, Kayla learned first-hand that Cisco interns aren’t fetching coffee and running errands. They’re exposed to the company leaders and their ideas matter.

“How many interns get access to the CEO of a company?” said Kayla, “It’s rare to meet the CEO, yet at Cisco Chuck Robbins was interested in the #IChoseCisco campaign I was working on for Instagram, and even tweeted out a photo of me and him!”

Daniel Wright, a Global Benefits Intern Daniel even said “Our inexperience in the industry seemed to be attractive for those here at Cisco as many went to the interns for new ideas, which is encouraging.”

Megan Astarita, a Talent Management intern, summed it up nicely.

“The connections through our internship, with co-workers and even the interns in other locations, we all clicked even through distance. This reflects the type of people Cisco is bringing on – they’re all just really great people.”


Want to spark your future as a Cisco Intern? Apply Now!


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A Year Abroad – An Intern’s Transition


How does a culture-shocked, jet-lagged intern from England transform in a year’s time? Just by arriving in Silicon Valley Digital Marketing Intern Alice Mo was able to check off a bucket list item. But starting at Cisco earned another check.

Her first day, she was filled with nerves. Wanting to make a good impression, she donned her suit and came in extra early, but noticed right away that the casual atmosphere at Cisco – jeans and t-shirts – put her right at ease.

One of Alice’s biggest realizations was that the culture at Cisco was a staple in what made us so different as she noted that the workplace in England is much more formal and requires employees to address their superiors as “Mr.” or “Mrs.” – a bit different from the first name basis here at Cisco!  She loved the openness throughout her internship and was inspired by the consistent efforts made in innovation and attempting new processes.

The other thing that Alice noticed is that Cisco employees love a good celebration, “My team had a launch recently that needed to be rolled back, so we had a Roll Back Party,” she explained.  “This isn’t something you’d typically find in the UK as a roll back would be viewed as a reason to be upset, but here it was seen in a positive light and something we could continue to work towards and improve upon. I will definitely carry this positive outlook with me in to the future, and it made my entire experience with Cisco that much more enjoyable.”

Another celebration that Alice enjoyed was the Superhero Friday parties that were held on the first Friday of every month.  This is where everyone would show up to work in their favorite superhero t-shirts – what’s not to love about a company that knows how to have fun and save the day at the same time?

soloAlice’s yearlong internship also provided a more solid direction for her career, “On my first day at Cisco I had no idea what direction I wanted to go in.  I knew I wanted to be in tech, but beyond that I wasn’t quite sure. About six months ago, I joined a big data project that I really enjoyed and have since informed my professors back in the UK that I’d like to take more data science master courses.”

Amidst everything she was learning throughout her internship, Alice also loves that this opportunity allowed her to grow personally.  From learning how to drive in the U.S. to learning more about herself as an individual she is so thankful for her time at Cisco.  The advice she would pass along to future interns is to not fear taking initiative and to take the time to be proactive and always think one step ahead.

“Earlier in my time here at Cisco, I asked my manager what I could help with that may have a more technical aspect to it.  I wound up finding things that I could assist with and enrolled in some of the free Cisco courses that opened me up to even further opportunities here.  It enabled me to participate more, with more confidence,” expanding upon her second piece of advice, Alice offers, “Listen and tune into what others are saying, especially your superiors.  I had a manager who mentioned on a whim that he would like to learn more about the Asian Mobile at Market.  I happened to know quite a bit about this, so I took some time in my day to compile some notes for him.  When I mentioned that I had this documentation, he said, ‘Fantastic!’ and the next day I was presenting the information to his team!”

Alice continued, “The connections I have made here at Cisco have been invaluable; absolutely breathtaking. I never would’ve thought that I would’ve made so many connections from all walks of life – from Software Engineers and Hardware Engineers to Marketing, Sales, and Administration.  I wouldn’t hesitate at all to send these connections a message when I need advice in the future.”

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10 Pieces of Career Advice Cisco Employees Would Give Our 20-Year-Old Selves

San Jose Intern Welcome Event Photo

Some of our Cisco employees were excited to attend a recent event in San Jose called Internapalooza, where all the interns in the area to come together, meet each other, exchange intern stories and gather information from the “older and wiser.”

I asked some Cisco employees what advice they’d give interns – or what advice they’d tell their 20-year-old selves if they could go back in time. Here are some of their replies. Be sure to tell us in comments what advice you’d give your younger self.

Here are the top 10 responses.

  1. Work to live. Don’t live to work. This would be my personal advice – something it took me a long time to learn. You need to take time to enjoy the life you’re working to enjoy. That’s not to say that you don’t work hard, but don’t let work become your life. Believe me, you won’t be 90 and think to yourself “I wish I’d have worked more.”
  1. Expand your horizons with other cultures. A common theme was “Learn another language” or “Study abroad.” Kasia Ousch, a Cisco recruiter from Krakow, Poland, said, “I would get a diploma from overseas university or spend some more time abroad to gain more of diverse perspective.
  1. Be bold! Be brave! As Senior Director of Talent Acquisition in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa) Kevin Blair puts it, “Don’t depend on everything learned at school, experiential learnings are key to your early success.”
  1. Take chances! Along the lines of bravery, Cisco recruiters seemed to agree that even if you think you’re not qualified for a job, apply anyway. What’s the worst that could happen? They say no? They might say “not now” or “we have something else coming up.” Cisco HR strategist Ray Leung advises, “It’s overcoming the obstacles in life that builds character.
  1. It’s okay to start small. Not everyone gets their dream job right out of college. But find a job related to what you want to do, or maybe not even related at all – every bit of experience is valuable. Amanda Darnell, from Cisco’s University Relations team suggests, “Know that you won’t get that “dream” job right away. Sometimes you have to earn your stripes. But also don’t settle for something that might lead you away from your end goal.”
  1. You’ve got to work for it. Nothing good comes easy, but hard work pays off. Silvia Spiva (@silviakspiva) from Cisco’s social media team, says to “embrace your inner action hero every day!” Her personal favorite is Sailor Mars! She also quotes “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten as an example of superhero-ness. “I might only have one match, but I can make an explosion.
  1. Get involved. You never know where that connection will come from. Maybe you share a fandom with a hiring manager. Or maybe that Toastmasters group will give you the introduction you need. Or, if you get an internship, a few Cisco techies suggested making the most of it! “Always be open to learn and network. There is so much to learn and so many people to meet!” says Richie Chea, a Cisco business systems analyst.
  1. Get social! There’s no excuse anymore for not being a social networker. Just do it. Find something to talk about (maybe your chosen field!) and post your thoughts about it. You’d be surprised the connections you’ll make. Current HR intern Kali Pike would tell her fellow interns the same. ““Having great social pages and networking with them is a top priority for me.
  1. Be tech savvy. Want to be in marketing? Learn a bit of code. Want to be a project manager? Learn a bit of code. Want to be a coder? Learn a LOT of code – but learn a little about different languages. Know how to download an app. How to Google an answer. Carly Enarson, a program specialist for Cisco Services University Relations, reminds you, “Take as many technology classes as possible!
  1. Do what you love! This was the most resounding piece of advice. You know that Confucius saying, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life?” Turns out, Cisco employees agree! “I have so many friends just out of college like myself that are miserable in roles that they just do not enjoy at all. I am so much happier in life with a job I truly enjoy!” says Ana Alessandra, a Cisco marketing project specialist.

What did we miss? Tell us your advice to your younger self in comments! Or on Twitter – follow and tag @CiscoCareers.

Plus, share these tips with your networks, maybe there’s a future Cisco-nian in your midst.

Want to check out internships or full-time opportunities at Cisco? Visit our Careers site!

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Cisco IT University Program Innovation: Leveraging Social Media to Attract Top Talent

IT UP Banner

Are you an ambitious tech-savvy college student looking for an internship or full time career? Do you want to work for a company that has been ranked as one of the happiest places for young professionals? Then, Cisco IT is the place for you!

The Cisco IT University Program recruits college students from all over the world into Cisco IT for internship and full time opportunities. With a myriad of employers for college students to choose from, Cisco IT identified the need to innovate and explore new ways to become the employer of choice for the best and brightest of the millennial generation. This generation is leading the social media explosion today and is always connected. According to the Society of New Communications Research, 93% of people active online fully expect companies to be present in social media spaces and be willing to have a conversation with them. Therefore, the IT University Program decided to adapt to the communication preferences of this generation and enter the world of social media with full force delivering the Cisco IT experience right to their smart phones.


What does the millennial generation seek in a potential employer?

  • The ability to work on innovative projects that make an impact
  • A start up environment that is fast paced, fun and exciting
  • The opportunity to change the world

This is exactly what Cisco IT has to offer! However, college students today maintain the outdated brand perception of Cisco being the godfather of routing and switching. They are oblivious to the cutting-edge initiatives going on within Cisco IT that are changing the way we work, live, play and learn more than ever before. The natural expertise of millennials must be leveraged for Cisco IT’s game changing initiatives such as the Internet of Everything, BYOD, user experience, collaboration and mobility.


So, what does the IT University Program want to accomplish through the use of social media?

  • Create increased brand awareness among college students of the endless opportunities available in Cisco IT
  • Generate online buzz and excitement by showcasing the fun company culture

How does the IT University Program’s social media strategy meet and exceed these goals?

According to Ypulse, 62% of Millennials use Facebook and 22% use Twitter to keep up with a brand or company they like. Based on this research, the IT University Program built a robust online presence using their existing Facebook page with Twitter as a secondary communication platform. When the social media strategy was kicked off, the Cisco IT University Program Facebook page had only 200 likes with a sense of hesitance and uncertainty around the possibility of its success. Within a few short months, the Facebook page has over 1000 likes and the IT University Program has created an incredible amount of excitement internally and externally. The IT University Program’s online audience includes the company’s CIO, IT Executives, Managers, New Graduates and Interns, and even the parents of New Graduates and Interns.

Information distributed through the IT University Program’s social media channels is catered towards each one of these audiences. The IT University Program has engaged its audience and met its intended goals in the following ways:

Overall, implementing an extensive social media strategy to reach the millennial generation has been a big win for the IT University Program. Not only did it create buzz and excitement around Cisco IT externally but also earned the support and encouragement of executives within the organization. This is how the IT University Program is striving towards Cisco’s vision of becoming the #1 IT Company by innovating and finding new ways to recruit top talent into Cisco IT.


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