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Pioneers of The Network

In 1858, the USS Niagara departed from the town of Heart’s Content on Newfoundland’s Trinity Bay, to meet up with HMS Agamemnon somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.   The plan was to connect a cable that would enable telegraph communication between the continents.

I was puzzled when I first heard this story, thinking that in the days before GPS and satellite phones, wouldn’t it have been easier to just use one ship and avoid a mid-sea rendezvous?   Steve Shepard explains the logic in episode 2.

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The Network Week in Review and Look Ahead: June 27- July 1

Hi all, I’m Kati Dahm and I’m interning with the Social Media Communications team at Cisco this summer. I’ll be taking over for Lindsay with your top news stories of the week, coming from The Network to your computer every Friday. With The Network fully underway, these are our top stories of the week.

1.)  Innovators: Dino Fainacci on the Magic of LISP

Dino Farinacci has developed a tool called LISP to make the transfer between technology easier than it’s ever been. No wires, no dialing in, no hassle!

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Small Businesses Can Get Great Benefits (and maybe a free iPad 2!) through the Cisco Innovators Program

If you’re a small business owner, or a multi-hat-wearing entrepreneur, and you’re not a member of the Cisco Innovators Program, you could be missing out. There are dozens of reasons why you should take part, but primarily it comes down to the simple fact that technology can help you reach and exceed your business goals and get ahead of your competitors. Want to increase your bottom line? Would you like your business to grow? Do you want to be able to quickly and easily communicate with your vendors and other contributors involved in your company? This program can help you do all of these things.

Join Cisco Innovators Program for free. A great perk is that by joining, you could win one of three 16G Apple iPad 2s. All you have to do is select either the BizWise or TechWise newsletter to qualify for the iPad drawing.

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