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Innovation: The Cisco and Librestream Video Collaboration Solution

March 2, 2011 at 11:08 am PST

I’m really excited by this new Cisco and Librestream MMVC solution. Lots of information out on the web, and lots of questions so I thought I’d put a brief video together to give you an introduction and to see if we can get a discussion going and also to see if we can answer some of the questions for you. The video starts talking about what really matters. What are the pain-points that manufacturers and industry have today? How do they get hold of the right people to fix things if something goes wrong, and how can they say ‘I see what you mean now’ -- and really mean it?

All this matters because keeping things running matters. Being able to communicate effectively in real time using video, speech and pictures -- globally, if need be -- matters. Knowing what’s going on and having clearer visibility matters. Working out what to do next, whether it’s developing a new product or fixing an operational problem fast, matters a lot.

I was fortunate to catch up with Librestream’s Vice President of Marketing and Client Services, Marieke Wijtkamp, and let her answer some of your questions. You’ll see what Marieke has to say and find out more about the solution in a moment… Read More »

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Education- the new currency of globalisation

“Chinese students are taking degrees taught in English in Finnish universities; the Sorbonne is awarding French degrees in Abu Dhabi; US universities are opening in China and South Korean universities are switching teaching to English so they can compete with everyone else.” -- Sean Coughlan, BBC News education correspondent Read More »

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Cisco UCS Continues Strong Momentum

It’s been another excellent quarter for UCS. At the end of Q2FY11, the annual revenue run rate for UCS increased to $650M, from approximately $500M at the end of Q1FY11. The momentum behind Cisco’s Data Center, Virtualization and Cloud strategies continues to advance, and Cisco expects that it will continue  making great progress on being the first architectural player in the Data Center in almost two decades.

The total number of unique UCS customers increased to approximately 4,000 at the end of Q2FY11, from 2,800 the prior quarter. Due to what Cisco believes is UCS’s compelling total cost of ownership advantage, Cisco has added net new UCS customers each quarter. This indicates increasing interest and a rapidly growing market opportunity for UCS. Furthermore, adoption was relatively balanced by customer segment and vertical. From a geographical perspective, UCS continues to be strong in the US/Canada theater with momentum building in Europe, APAC and Emerging Markets.

Q2FY11 Orders Customer Segment Mix for UCS:

  • Commercial = 40%
  • Enterprise = 28%
  • Public Sector = 22%
  • Service Provider = 10%

Q2FY11 Orders Theater Mix for UCS:

  • US/Canada =  65%
  • EMEA = 17%
  • APAC and Emerging = 18

Read More »

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The new transparency of business

Last week, I posted a blog called Innovation is key to becoming a ‘people-centric’ business which looked at Inclusion and Diversity from a customer perspective. The article argued that in order to succeed, businesses needed to become “customer centric” – looking at the world from their customers’ perspectives and identifying their customers’ problems and tensions. I’m pleased to see that the post has been very popular and has so far been viewed over 2,000 times! An interesting article in yesterday’s London Evening Standard looked at this idea of customer centricity from a different perspective. Read More »

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Staying Relevant

It’s against human nature to react favorably to the disruption of process change. Continuous improvement means continuous change, and change takes people out of their comfort zone. How have you seen people react to changes in their work? The typical reaction is resistance. As Machiavelli pointed out in The Prince roughly 500 years ago, there is no constituency for innovation: “There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.”

- Brad Power, Harvard Business Review Read More »

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