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Cisco Live London, 2012: Attend virtually Jan 31 – Feb 1

Join us on January 31 and February 1 in Cisco Virtual for Cisco Live London, 2012. We have a full agenda planned, including a live keynote with Padmasree Warrior and technical sessions on popular topics like UCS System Architecture, SAN Core Edge Design, BGP PIC, and Cisco Telepresence. You can also play games and win prizes.

Registrants receive two full days of live virtual programming in conjunction with Cisco Live London, access to over 1600 sessions, a virtual World of Solutions, and the chance to network with professionals and Cisco experts from more than 195 countries. Or, visit Cisco Live Virtual post-event to download PDFs and view videos from sessions presented at Cisco Live London.

The virtual event features:

  • Live Keynote addresses by CTO and SVP of Engineering, Padmasree Warrior.
  • A Guest keynote with Cisco’s Chief Futurist, Dave Evans and Richard Noble from Bloodhound.
  • Technical sessions on data center, storage area networks, IP Multicast and enterprise video, security and other hot topics
  • A Partner Resource Center with the chance to download valuable materials
  • Answers to your toughest technical questions from virtual Ask-the-Expert Center sessions
  • Networking with your friends, colleagues and new acquaintances with profile tools and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs
  • A Memory Match game where you can compete to win €100 Cisco Marketplace coupons

Be sure to follow Cisco Live Europe on Twitter!/CiscoLiveEurope

Date: January 31 and February 1, 2012
Register for free:
Agenda and Calendar Reminder:

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Cisco Live 2011, Melbourne – Join us virtually!

Join us for Cisco Live Melbourne inside Cisco Live & Networkers Virtual on March 30th. We have an exciting agenda planned that includes a live keynote and interactive chat with Padmasree Warrior, as well as technical sessions on hot topics like collaboration and virtualization.

In addition to a full day of live virtual programming, subscribers of the Full Access pass receive an annual subscription to Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual with access to over 900 technical sessions. Or, sign up for a free guest pass for access to all our live events, networking tools, games and prizes and our Partner Resource Center. Both full and guest passes will give you access to live events that happen throughout the year.

Our agenda includes:

  • A live Keynote and chat with Cisco’s CTO, Padmasree Warrior. Ask questions via the Twitter hashtag #clmel11
  • A live chat with CTO of Cisco Australia &  New Zealand, Kevin Bloch
  • Technical sessions on borderless networks, collaboration and virtualization architecture
  • Live Ask the Expert sessions with Cisco and partner companies such as Cisco Capital, Cisco Remarketing,  Alphawest and Citrix Systems
  • A Partner Resource Center where you can download valuable material and ask questions
  • Networking with your colleagues and new acquaintances with profile tools and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs
  • The opportunity to compete in a game to win a Flip HD Camera

Tune in live via uStream, or sign up for a free account inside Cisco Live & Networkers Virtual.

Register for free:

Be sure to follow us on Twitter #clmel11

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Hybrid Is the New Black

Last week I attended and spoke at the Virtual Edge Summit. This event focused on virtual events, education, conferences and meetings. Over the course of the event I heard some key themes regarding virtual and hybrid events that really resonated. I wanted to share a quick recap on those themes:

  1. To quote Cisco’s own Kara Wilson, VP, Unified Communications and Collaboration Solutions “Hybrid is the new black.” In 2009 there was a lot of focus on virtual-only events, in 2010 some of that attention shifted to hybrid events, and in 2011 there will be even greater increase in hybrids as more event planners accept/understand that adding a virtual component and moving to a hybrid model does NOT cannibalize physical event attendance but rather drives future physical event attendance.
  2. Creating a great hybrid experience requires looking beyond cloning the physical event in a virtual format. Hybrid event planners need to look at what translates well (ala keynote broadcast) from the physical event to the virtual audience, what unique experiences (ala executive chat sessions) can be programmed for the virtual audience, as well as what audiences may engage virtually that don’t engage physically (ala business decisions makers/small business owners/etc.) and whether these audience types required a tailored virtual experience.
  3. Hybrid events can enable a two way conversation between the physical and virtual audiences. However in order to achieve this event planners need to spend time educating speakers, sponsors and event staff on how to foster the dialogue. Event planners also need to look beyond Twitter back channel and understand how to leverage asynchronous tools such as blogs and discussion forums to further discussion in a digestible and manageable way.
  4. It takes a village to pull off a successful virtual only and/or hybrid event. Hint, hint…if you are thinking about turning your existing event into a hybrid or adding a virtual only event to your marketing repertoire you should also be thinking about building out a dedicated team focused on the virtual event format. You heard me right, to pull off a successful hybrid experience don’t count on adding virtual to existing physical event team roles. Virtual is a unique event format and therefore a job role which requires event expertise combined with an understanding of compelling online engagements peppered with a bit of community building/mining experiences.

For those who have been producing virtual events for some time now you are probably reading the themes above and going hallelujah, been there…done that. For those just dipping their toes into the virtual event pool I can’t stress enough how important these themes are to ensuring your long term success.

There were some excellent write-ups on Virtual Edge Summit, check out these blog posts for more learnings :)
Notes From the (Virtual) Edge
Virtual Events – The Best and Worst Trends of 2010
Top 5 Virtual Event Questions from Virtual Edge
Distance Curation of Virtual Edge Summit

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Take a Test Drive of a Virtual Event Platform

Next week 12-13 January the Virtual Edge Summit will take place featuring over 30+ educational sessions from 80+ industry experts on virtual solutions for events, learning and community. The sessions will feature case studies from virtual event experts such as Cisco’s own Kara Wilson, VP, Unified Communications and Collaboration Solutions and Angie Smith, Senior Manager, Global Sales Experiences. The event will also focus on future trends with speakers from Unisfair, InXpo, SAP, myself J, and more.

In my opinion the key differentiator for this event on virtual engagement case studies, best practices, and future trends versus others is that its hybrid extension is offered on a multitude of virtual event platforms including 6Connex, Digitell, Expos2, InXpo, and Unisfair.

“Last year, we received positive feedback from our audiences when we revealed this format for our hybrid event,” explained Michael Doyle, executive director of the Virtual Edge Institute, which produces the event. “This is a unique opportunity for our audiences to experience and evaluate multiple platforms, while enabling 6Connex, Digitell, Expos2, INXPO, and Unisfair to demonstrate their virtual expertise by creating virtual experiences that enrich engagement, networking and learning.”

So as you can see this is a great option (and the only event I am aware of that offers it) to test drive one event on many of the leading virtual event platforms in the industry. Even better, registration for the virtual options are free! So view the full program, choose a session, and then login to your platform of choice on 12-13 January.

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