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Search Engine Optimization Best Practices: News@Cisco Case Study

As Cisco’s public online newsroom, News@Cisco is a highly trafficked, content-rich site that – like almost every other news provider – is facing an increasingly fragmented audience. Potential visitors have more options for content than ever before, and they’re being diverted into news and social media channels like Google News, Facebook and Twitter.

In such an environment, it’s essential that audiences are able to find your content when they search for it, which means it has to appear in the first few results for a particular search term or phrase. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – the process of improving visibility of your web pages via natural, or unpaid, search – is a key tool for achieving this goal.

How do you accomplish this? There are whole books, websites and blogs devoted to SEO, but a few basics we’ve learned include:

• Create quality content that is rich in relevant keywords and phrases. Try to use these keywords/phrases in titles, headlines, descriptions and a few times in the content. This holds true for video, too.
• Provide relevant links. In our case, we link to relevant pages whenever possible.
• Link wisely. Use descriptive phrases or words for the link rather than “click here” or “read more.”
• Inbound links to your web page improve its performance in search. Share your content via Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other online outlets and allow your site visitors to do so as well using apps like ShareThis or AddThis.

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Making Video a Part of Your Communications: How to Overcome Perceived Hurdles

“Video, video, video…Use video in your communications!”  How many of you reading this, whether a marketing lead at a large company or a one person wonder running a small business trying to get YOUR company’s story some attention have heard this?

As a communications professional, I hear this all the time. The reasons for using video are many…too many in fact to list here. But, at its core, video is authentic… or at least it can be. If you want to see a person give an answer or explanation and it’s on video…you know it is the person responding….not the talented wordsmithing of someone else. With video, you can see and hear what you are learning about …and I’m sure one day soon we’ll be able to smell video as well.

The  Pew Internet & American Life Project’s first major report on online video and the project’s State of Online Video study give us a few other meaty stats on video:

  • More than half of online video viewers share links to the video they find with others.
  • Online video now reaches a mainstream audience.
  • 57% of online adults have used the internet to watch or download video.

So why is it, when someone mentions doing a video, the hairs on the back of your neck go up and you want to crawl into a hole?

Let’s point out some obvious hurdles…or assumed hurdles:

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