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EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Ellen Page Using Cisco ūmi “Tea Party” Ad

“HOLY SCI-FI!!” is the infamous opening line for our first Ellen Page ad from our Cisco ūmi advertising campaign.

The advertising campaign features Ellen Page, the star of “Juno” and “Inception,” and her friends using ūmi in their everyday lives.

In honor of bringing old and new friendships together at the touch of a button, we would like to start by highlighting Ellen’s friends who she is getting together with.

Ellen and Steve met on the set of “Super” and became fast friends.  Since then, they’ve become virtually inseparable and have even teamed up as writing partners.  In addition to writing, Steve is an actor (The Sarah Silverman Program) and stand-up comedian.

Here is an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEAK at the newest Ellen Page ad showing Ellen having a tea party with Steve and her little friends using Cisco ūmi. Why is Ellen dressed as a bumble bee? See below for the answer!

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Cisco ūmi: Fooling the World’s Smartest Poodle

The first time I used ūmi I had it set up in  a spare bedroom.  I was sitting on the bed and our family dog — a brown standard poodle named Murphy (why an Irish name for a French poodle? — as my son says, “he wasn’t born in France was he?”) came in the room and hopped up on the bed.

My first call was to our son, Jonathan,  who lives in an apartment in San Francisco.  As the screen lit up, he saw the dog and called out “Murphy!”  Now some dogs watch TV all the time and bark at dogs and animals they see on TV — not Murphy — he has never so much as glanced at the TV ….until now.

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Announcing the Winner of the Cisco ūmi Sweepstakes on Facebook!

From October 6, 2010 until November 13, 2010, Cisco’s Director of Consumer Marketing, Mike Kisch, invited you to “Like” the Cisco ūmi Facebook Fan Page and enter to win a ūmi system for you and a friend plus 1 year of free service.

A random drawing to select the winner took place yesterday and the winner is………..

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Cisco ūmi and Ellen Page: Just-in-Time for the Holidays

Cisco ūmi™ telepresence, a first-of-its-kind consumer product that brings family and friends together on your high-definition television, is now available at Magnolia Home Theater at Best Buy, and

You will now be able to see your loved ones and enjoy a video experience that is so clear, natural and lifelike, you will feel as though they were in the same room with you.

Today, we are excited to share with you our advertising campaign featuring Ellen Page, the star of “Juno” and “Inception,” and her friends using ūmi in their everyday lives.

Here is the debut of the first ad: Maiden Voyage.

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Cisco ūmi Mall Tour Starts Today!

The Cisco ūmi mall tour will be traveling to more than 20 major malls across the United States this holiday season and our first stop is San Francisco City Centre Mall today!

Consumers will be able to experience live ūmi demonstrations on the 2nd floor near Bloomingdales with their friends and families.

We encourage you to come try Cisco ūmi at each of the below mall locations and “Check-in” via Facebook to share the new way to be together with your friends and family! You can also learn more about the sweepstakes we are running at the mall!

Check out the locations and the places that you can use to “Check-in” via Facebook:

11/12-12/21 Cisco umi at San Francisco Centre Mall

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