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Disconnected from the ‘Net for 14,400 Minutes?

A colleague of mine is going to be silent for 10 days over the holiday break*.  10 days. 240 hours. 14,400 minutes.  It is a meditative thing.  I respect her decision to do this…very cool and certainly an experience not many have had.

She can’t talk, so I asked her if she could read.  Nope.  Which means web surfing is out of the question.  I, like many, HAVE TO BE CONNECTED AT ALL TIMES!!!  The network has become so pervasive in our lives that not having instant, anywhere access to information is nearly inconceivable.  Globally, broadband growth is still chugging away.  Today, we released a report that shows that Peru broadband growth grew nearly 10% in the first half of this year.  And, yesterday, Google released what they call the Zeitgeist.  The sum of the searches for the year.  What’s hot, what’s searched…and from where…and, of course, because this is 2010 and video is the medium for communications, they also released a very cool video with a catchy jam that is still in my head (who is this? anyone?!!).

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5 Tips for Community Managers on Surviving the Holidays

Recently Mashable posted an article on 5 common ‘Community Killers’. Since December marks the season of giving, here are 5 Tips for Community Managers on how to survive the holiday season.

1.       Be prepared for the holidays! While this typically means running out to get extra gifts for unexpected guests, for community managers, you can prepare for the holidays by understanding there will be a drop in participation. With in-laws visiting, holiday door busters and an overwhelming rush to deck the halls, your members have their hands full. Acknowledge this busy season and don’t be disappointed if your dialogue isn’t so lively.

2.       Silent Night(s). Community members will most likely be juggling holiday parties, school plays, and vacation days during this busy time. Make sure everyone is on the same page and set some ‘quiet hours’. Alleviate some holidays stress  and let them know it’s okay to be offline.

3.       Deck the Halls. While members are preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, use this time to review your community.  Have members been asking for new enhancements? Explore your space and, if you need an update, get it in while members are dreaming of sugar plums dancing in their heads (Hopefully you can do this during #2’s silent night).

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Cisco ūmi Meets Santa!

This past Sunday, December 5ththe Cisco ūmi “Get Together” tour van stopped by the San Jose Holiday Parade to join in the 29th Annual Family Tradition together.  The San Jose Holiday Parade tradition started in 1981 and is ranked the “Top 25 Best Parades in America” featured the 2010 Grand Marshall Minnie Mouse, marching bands, professionally made floats and most importantly Santa Claus!

The Cisco ūmi “Get Together” tour van welcomed families and friends to come aboard and experience the new way to be together after they had a glimpse of Claus!

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The ūmi High Five

We recently gave you a sneak peek of our UNSCRIPTED Cisco ūmi advertising campaign featuring Ellen Page, the star of “Juno” and “Inception,” and her friends using ūmi in their everyday lives.

Now, it’s my turn to share with you MY life UNSCRIPTED!

Over the past Thanksgiving holiday, my wife Suzanne’s parents were out visiting from Ohio. Since they were spending Thanksgiving with us, they weren’t able to see Suzanne’s sister and her two sons so we used ūmi to stay in touch over the weekend.

My ultimate favorite feature of Cisco ūmi is recording video messages. I can easily record teaching my 3 year old daughter, Ava, how to give a high five (which we are still working on) while holding one of my newborn twins, Noah, in my other hand. Using umi connect, I can then upload my videos directly to Facebook, YouTube, or Flipshare to share with my family and friends. Check us out here and beware I just woke up :)

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Text to Win a Flip Video Camera!

Do you need a new Flip video camera, or just want to update your collection with the latest one or maybe get one for your best friend this holiday? Now is your chance! Flip is giving away 500 cameras during the month of December to lucky participants in the Flip Video™ Text to Win sweepstakes, running from December 1-29.

To enter, text the keyword Flip to 55678 during the sweepstakes period from your 2-way text messaging capable wireless phone. Once you send the text message, you will be automatically entered into the sweepstakes. Flip will be awarding video cameras to randomly-selected winners, limit one text per phone per day. Drawings will occur each week during the contest period. Read More »

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