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With High-Frequency Trading, Financial Firms Face New Challenges

In recent years, the financial industry has witnessed a revolution. To discuss, debate, and seek a bit of consensus on the crucial issues impacting the industry, I met earlier this year in New York with a team of experts at the Electronic Trading Innovation Council. For the event, Cisco partnered with the founders of the council, Julio Gomez and Clay Booma. I was joined by my Cisco colleagues Aron Dutta, co-managing director for financial markets, Cisco IBSG; Chris O’Connell, Cisco’s head of strategy for alternative investment markets; and Dave Malik, Cisco’s technology & architecture lead. The other participants represented a wide range of financial and tech-based firms, including BNY Mellon, Citi, Credit Suisse, Lazard Freres, Morgan Stanley, Nomura, State Street, UBS, Equinix, Savvis, and Tervela.

It was a great team, and the roundtable meetings benefited from a vast body of knowledge and a high level of participation. Read More »

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Brains vs. Brawn?

After years of working with financial markets firms around the globe I believe we are heading towards an environment where “High-intelligence trading” will likely replace “High-frequency trading”.  Why, because low-latency is becoming table stakes in the search for competitive differentiation. A firm’s business advantage is going to be in the ability to operate on a global scale and process more complex information sets.  So in today’s markets, it’s not just speed — but span of awareness that counts – in a search for Alpha. How do firms evolve to  “high-intelligence trading” infrastructure ?   Read More »

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