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National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Closing Thoughts (All Treats, No Tricks)

BGP = big, ghoulish pumpkinHere we are, 31 October, and ready to bang on doors and ask for candy with the playful question of ‘Trick or Treat?’  How fitting to sum up a month of thought-provoking posts regarding National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NSCAM) whereby our ‘interconnectedness’ requires each of us to be more vigilant than ever. Every time we knock on one of the Internet’s doors, what we receive in return may not be what we’re expecting. Goblins and other nefarious creatures continue to lurk in dark spaces as well as the bright light of day.

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Trick or Treat Online and then Save the Memories

When I told my daughter that her gramma was going to be with her other (younger) grandchild this year for Halloween, I did not expect her reaction. She’s 12 and has had gramma with her every year since birth and I figured she knew she would eventually have to share.

But that was not my kid’s idea. She was downright pissed!

“She needs to see me in my costume! It’s tradition!” she told me. Oops. Apparently we have a tradition that I just took for granted all these years.

But then I suggested we have a little fun and get to share the holiday with her cousin as well. We could do a WebEx, show my mom my daughter’s costume and see our little three year old firefighter in his outfit. “I guess that’ll work,” she conceded. And off we went. We did a test drive on Sunday.

We fired up the WebEx, turned on the webcams and the kids had a ball. Everyone get to see each other, there was lots of conversation and excitement and gramma Read More »

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The Network Week in Review and Look Ahead: October 24-28

Happy Halloween Weekend! Everyone figure out their costumes and have all their candy ready for the trick or treaters?! To get in the Halloween spirit, check out this awesome pumpkin a Cisco fan created for us last Halloween. Then, take a look at The Network’s top news stories of the week!

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Top 10 Things You Can Do at Halloween Thanks to ūmi

All Hallows’ Eve, or Halloween, is a much-anticipated holiday that has evolved for hundreds of years into what it is today. On Halloween, adults and kids alike can explore their inner ghouls and goblins, while children take to the spooky City streets looking for the best treats.

Cisco ūmi will become part of Halloween’s evolution because it allows family and friends to share their favorite Halloween traditions with loved ones in other places. In the spirit of nighttime T.V. star David Letterman, we’d like to bring you our own “Top 10 List of Things You Can Do at Halloween Thanks to ūmi.”

  1. 1. Learn the secret family recipe for your favorite Halloween treat – Ever wonder what makes your mom’s apple cider so delicious or your sister’s pumpkin bread so rich? With Cisco ūmi, the skeletons are out of the closet…along with any secret ingredients!
  2. 2. See your grandchildren dressed up and ready for a fun-filled night of trick or treating – Pictures don’t do those cute costumes justice. Cisco ūmi lets you see and hear your grandchildren shout, “Trick or Treat!”
  3. 3. Show off your mad pumpkin carving skills – Like to get creative when it comes to pumpkin carving? Those orange squashes sure do pose unique canvases. Display your masterpiece to family and friends using Cisco ūmi. Just don’t forget to preserve your pumpkin; like corpses, they go bad!
  4. 4. Swap Halloween decorating ideas – Take a stab at decorating your home with spider webs, black lights, graves and jack-o-lanterns, and use Cisco ūmi to swap ideas for creating the perfect haunted house.
  5. 5. Give the gift of a good scare – Want to get back at your brother for the prank he pulled last year or your father for laughing at your reaction? Give them a call with Cisco ūmi, hide behind the couch with a scary mask on and jump out when they answer the call. You’re sure to give them a fright.
  6. 6. Compare dog costumes – Halloween is going to the dogs, along with some of the funniest costumes. Show off your pup’s outfit with Cisco ūmi!
  7. 7. Share ghost stories – Light a candle, pull up a chair in front of your TV and prepare to share some of the spookiest ghost stories you know.
  8. 8. Plan a Halloween dance off – Blast your Halloween playlist and shake your bones with family and friends using Cisco ūmi. The last one standing wins!
  9. 9. Learn Halloween party tips – Is your best friend the hostess with the mostess? Call them up with Cisco ūmi and learn some tips and tricks to making your party a graveyard smash!
  10. 10. Kids crafts – From paper plate masks to lollipop ghosts, your kids will enjoy chatting with friends on Cisco ūmi while putting together homemade Halloween decorations.

Can you think of any more spooktacular things you would like to do at Halloween using Cisco ūmi? We’re dying to know!

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