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Geeky Is Cool at Cisco

Cisco's geeky Consulting Team

Cisco’s consulting team shows off their full geekiness.

The words “geek” or “nerd” are often thrown about with negative connotations, but not at Cisco! Here, we wear our geek badges with pride, and like to think that being geeky is cool.

Take, for example, Cisco’s Consulting Services Team in San Jose, pictured above. They helped Cisco celebrate geekiness by taking a photo of all of their geek in one awesome photo. These are folks who work in Cisco’s innovation labs, who spearhead initiatives to get new generations inspired in technology, who solve big problems and make big changes. If it takes being geeky to do that, they’re all in!

Ben Varghese, a Cisco consultant (photo, bottom left) thinks being geeky is getting even cooler as you’re reading this blog post.

“My favorite quote about geekiness is from Bill Gates: ‘Be nice to geeks, you’ll probably end up working for one.’ As technology continues to change every aspect of life at an ever-increasing rate, this becomes more true every day.”

Shraddha Chaplot, an engineer at Cisco (photo, top right) makes it her mission to show that women can be geeks and be cool. She tells everyone she’s a geek, and wishes folks a happy “geekend” when Friday rolls around.

“So you don’t like the word ‘geek’?” she says. “Don’t think it’s cool, hmm? Well what if I told you that ‘geek’ is synonymous with wizard, superhero, and mathemagician (yes, I spelled that right). What if I told you that with these super geek powers you can create and build anything from a dream to reality? I get to do that everyday and so many of my friends do too. Being a geek is the coolest thing I’ve ever been.”

How do you embrace your geek? Tell us in comments below.

Know a geek (maybe it’s you!) that would be a great part of the Cisco Consulting Services team? Be sure to check out the open consulting roles here!

Are you, or do you know an engineer that embraces geek style? You can find open engineering roles here.

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The Network After 25 Years of Cisco Live!

#clus1A lot can change in 25 years. At the first Cisco Live (then known as Networkers conferences) in 1989, 200 geeks gathered for the inaugural event. Fast forward to three weeks ago, when we welcomed a whopping 25,000 attendees into the arms of our namesake, beautiful San Francisco.

We heard there was some interest in how the network performed at the show, so I wanted to share some of the interesting statistics about the network at Cisco Live! I shudder at the thought of the ancient network from 25 years ago. So here we go:

Wi-Fi Client Devices

This year we saw 30,705 unique devices, with 7000 in the theater for John Chambers’ keynote.

# of Unique Clients

# of Sessions

# of Unique Users

# of Unique APs

Avg Users per AP






Max. Concurrent Connected Wi-Fi Devices

There was a peak of 14216 concurrently connected device at SF this year.

clients2 Read More »

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Confessions of a Geek Dad

Yes Geek Dads are Connected and Cool!  We conducted a survey and found a lot of interesting things about this generation of Geek Dads.  Kids say their geek dad is cooler than other dads and they have a lot fun learning about technology from their dad.  Check out the confessions of a Geek Dad:  Read More »

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