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The Future of Consuming

Hate waiting in lines or navigating through crowds at the grocery story? Loathe trying on clothes and accessories? Want to make the most of your time at all times? The good news is there are technology breakthroughs poised to make your shopping experiences easier and quicker!

In South Korea a genius solution is in place to maximize your time when waiting for a subway. A new solution uses augmented reality to bring the supermarket to you so you can shop while you wait. Called E-Marts, these virtual stores are stocked by supermarkets like European grocery store giant Tesco and Home Plus – but they sell their goods via interactive pictures on subway platforms.

Not only does this solution provide convenience for shoppers but it also has significant impact for the supermarkets. When launched the online sales for the providers increased by 130%. This sales leap was realized without any additional infrastructure from the providers. Imagine growing your business without having to open another store front, hiring additional staff, or maintaining another warehouse for inventory.

This isn’t the only breakthrough poised to transform our shopping experiences. For anyone who loathes searching the racks, hitting the dressing room and (ugh) trying on clothes there is a solution on the horizon. One of my fellow bloggers, Marlowe Fenne, wrote a great post on how Cisco solutions are the backbone for making this concept a reality. Read More »

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On The Edge: Increasing Online Sales with the Future of Shopping

“If there’s one reason we have done better than of our peers in the Internet space over the last six years, it is because we have focused like a laser on customer experience, and that really does matter, I think, in any business. It certainly matters online, where word of mouth is so very, very powerful.” Jeff Bezos

In today’s business climate, any sector that has doubled revenues in the past five years is considered a wonderful outlier to the economic norm – particularly in an industry as big as fashion retailing. How are they doing it? By changing the business model and selling more on-line. In fact, according to the Telegraph, over one third of all consumers have purchased clothing over the Internet in the past year, a 26% increase over the previous one.

So how can savvy retailers build on this momentum and do it again? By taking the on-line experience to the next level. Here’s one likely future of shopping experience solution. And you can see it only at Cisco Live! July 10-14 in Las Vegas:

Imagine being able to shop virtually from anywhere much more quickly and efficiently. No more crowded, clunky dressing rooms, or trawling racks of jumbled clothes in a sprawling megastore. No more changing ten times to find the perfect color combination. Simply scroll through the menu to see an unlimited amount of inventory in one place, and see how it looks on you virtually using the latest augmented reality and network technology.

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