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Manufacturing Recovery? Who says?…

…well, it looks like several folks are saying it!

American Factories were going all out in September – is it a sign that the US economy is picking up?  Wall street certainly seemed to respond well to some key indicators at the beginning of October.

Take a look at some of the performance metrics below and you’ll get an indication of why…

  • The ISM (Institute for Supply Management) Index (PMI™)  rose to 51.5 for September from 49.6 in August. Anything above 50 shows growth (growing rather than contracting), and a nearly two point rise reverses previous months declines, the fastest pace since May.
  • Pace is slow, but signs are hopeful. The new orders index rose from 47.1 to 52.3 suggesting humming production this month, and suggests November will be good too.


  • The economy isn’t growing as fast as the Fed Chairman would like. Hence an open-ended QE3 (Quantitive Easing 3) and a statement that interest rates will remain low until 2015.
  • JP Morgan Economists are saying that we’ve seen a slow down in US Manufacturing and it’s tracking more like the overall US economic growth – sluggish, suggesting the best may be behind us. Still growing though, but slowly.

Overall I’m a bull on US manufacturing. There are a number of US companies looking to bring back jobs from overseas. But the labor shortage in the US is getting worse. Baby Boomers retiring, not enough skilled or trained workers to take their place. A recent Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute study stated that manufacturing sector can’t find workers with the right skills to fill around 600,000 jobs. Hopefully Cisco’s Remote Expert and Cisco’s other solutions will help. Check out Ron Kafka’s blog titled “Realize Business-Wide Benefits with Cisco’s Remote Expert” to find more about Remote Expert. Read More »

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Cisco Launches “Future of California” Series for Employees

With just three weeks until election day in the United States, the time is now for all of us to make our voices heard. But to do that, we must as citizens educate ourselves on the issues and get out and vote.

At Cisco, we believe in civic responsibility.  When it comes to the upcoming elections, this means providing our employees with a venue to understand the choices facing our state and our country and encouraging them to participate in the political process.  That’s why we developed our “Future of California” series.  It enables our employees to learn the candidates’ views on the issues important to them and, as one of the largest employers in the state of California, the issues important to Cisco

This election year, Cisco has invited the four leading candidates for California Governor and U.S. Senator to participate in Town Hall with Cisco employees prior to the November 2nd election.

Cisco kicked off the series on September 29th with Republican Candidate for Governor, Meg Whitman. More than 1,300 employees participated to ask questions and learn about Ms. Whitman’s views on the issues that matter most — education, healthcare and job creation.  Next in the series is Senator Barbara Boxer scheduled for late October.

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