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The Connected Learning Exchange – Join Us For the Journey

March 7, 2011 at 7:59 pm PST

We hear a lot about the issues and challenges in Education.  Unfortunately, we don’t hear enough of the success that dedicated and innovative educators are having integrating technology into curricula to create 21st Century learning environments that are improving educational outcomes for students all over the world.

At Cisco, we’re honored to work with such educators each and every day. Through programs and events such as the Cisco Virtual Forum for Education Leaders, we try to showcase innovative and practical solutions for meeting today’s education challenges. More importantly, we try to create opportunities for educators to collaborate so that best practices can be shared and replicated.

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The World’s Largest Classroom–1 Million Networking Academy Students and Growing

21st century jobs require 21st century skills, and for nearly 14 years Cisco has been leading the charge to impart these skills to the next generation of workers through our Networking Academy program. And recently, Networking Academy announced that we’ve hit an incredible milestone: this year, we’ve engaged 1 million students! This is a tremendous achievement for Cisco and our education partners, validating our longstanding commitment to being a positive force in our communities around the world.  It solidifies Networking Academy’s place as “The World’s Largest Classroom.”

From Detroit to Dubai, Antigua and Barbuda to Zimbabwe, Networking Academy is having a real impact on the lives of students in 165 countries--and we continue to grow around the world. In the United States for example, there are more than 2,000 Networking Academies currently serving over 140,000 students in all the congressional districts, a 9 percent increase from last year. In Egypt, we grew 11 percent last year, and now have over 350 Networking Academies serving almost 20,000 students (43 percent are female!).

Networking Academy started as a local program, partnering with schools, community colleges and universities to serve the community around Cisco’s offices. Over the years, the Networking Academy has continued to innovate in teaching and learning approaches.  From students in classrooms around the world accessing online activities, assessments and games to using their new IT and 21st century skills, to the 175,000 fans (and growing!) on Facebook, our global Networking Academy community leverages a cloud-based infrastructure to learn, collaborate and succeed in the 21st Century economy.

Our students and alumni are acquiring skills that will open doors and continue to serve them as they progress throughout their careers and become leaders in their communities. Today’s milestone represents is not only achievement for Cisco and the Networking Academy team—it’s a testament to each and every one of those students.

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating them all.

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Education- the new currency of globalisation

“Chinese students are taking degrees taught in English in Finnish universities; the Sorbonne is awarding French degrees in Abu Dhabi; US universities are opening in China and South Korean universities are switching teaching to English so they can compete with everyone else.” -- Sean Coughlan, BBC News education correspondent Read More »

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Broadband Applications: Something for Everyone

By Howard Baldwin, Contributing Columnist

When Tim Berners-Lee came up with the idea for Web browsers, he really only wanted an easier way to access information on the Internet. He wasn’t planning on rewriting – and more important, simplifying — the rules by which information is exchanged and business is transacted.

Now apply that same concept to broadband Internet access.

An increasing number of countries already have national broadband plans, including Australia, Sweden, Morocco, Malaysia, and the United States. These networks are being deployed because, as we discussed in the Economic Incentive for Telecom Infrastructure Investment, they bring myriad advantages to their countries — and the citizens that apply them in everyday activities.

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Valet for Students

Today, we’re at ARISE Charter High School in Oakland, CA for a “wireless takeover.” Cisco is giving away  “Valet” Wireless Routers and Valet Connector Wireless USB Adapters to the entire student body of ARISE Charter High School, for use in their homes – we’re equipping students with these essential tools to support 21st-century learning.

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