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Cisco’s Doing What on Earth Day?

Nature2webOh so much!

First of all, we don’t consider Earth Day as just one day in the year when we implement a few feel-good actions that temporarily improve our environment. We consider Earth Day a great opportunity to reach out to our 68,000+ global employees to highlight today’s most pressing environmental issues — to educate them about what Cisco is doing, and to guide them in what they can do every day of the year to reduce their impact on the environment.

Ok, so now that I have that off of my chest, what exactly is Cisco doing this Earth Day, April 22, 2014?  Well, besides continuing to 1) develop technologies like Cisco TelePresence video conferencing and Cisco WebEx web conferencing, which have proven to reduce environmental impacts and 2) implement many energy efficiency and renewable energy projects (like this solar project) to meet our aggressive corporate sustainability goals, we are holding a number of Earth Day events for employees across the globe.

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Earth Day 2014: Time for Hope (and Frustration)

If you’re into sustainability, Earth Day can be a bit like New Year’s Day. A time to reflect. A time of hope. Maybe a bit of frustration with things not yet completed. But impatience can grease the wheels of change…

A time of hope. Today, sustainability isn’t just the province of non-profit advocacy groups. Unlike not too long ago, most large companies now have sustainability staff and are somewhere on a shared road of discovery, learning how to incorporate sustainability into the business model and culture of their own company and those of their customers. We’re making progress but the destination is still over the horizon.


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Happy Earth Day! How Are You Contributing?

earth dayDid you know that you could keep approximately 19 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions out of the atmosphere for each gallon of gas you don’t use? By itself that may not seem like a big number, but for those who commute 5 days a week, 20 days a month and around 260 days a year, that is a lot of carbon emissions.

Telecommuting has become increasingly popular at organizations around the world. Many are developing formal programs and seeing the benefits of increased employee productivity, improved morale and business continuity.  The Association of Commuter Transportation (ACT) reports that 83 percent of the Fortune 100 companies allow employees to telework, including companies such as Google, Microsoft, Genentech and Starbucks.

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An Earth Day Story About NOAA, Cisco, and Building a Cloud Network to Better Understand Clouds

Few scientists know more about the condition of planet Earth than those who work within the American National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA.) There, it’s all about the science of climate – from the surface of the sun, to the bottom of the oceans, and to the clouds in the sky.

For NOAA, every day is Earth Day.

This Sunday, on the official Earth Day, NOAA will host educational events all over the nation. Meanwhile, back in the labs, its scientists and researchers continue to work out what it takes to predict changes in climate, weather, oceans, and coasts.

Why is Cisco talking about a government agency such as NOAA, and its Earth Day intentions?  Because there’s a network angle in here, of course.  At Cisco we know a lot about clouds, as in Cloud Networks. Cloud networking is more than just storage and compute – you’ve got to have a network in there as well.

One of the newer resources NOAA scientists are tapping into these days is a high performance computing network it calls “n-wave.” Its purpose is to efficiently and cost-effectively link data sources – meaning internal NOAA scientists and researchers, as well as external partners – with data and computing resources.

How much bandwidth do NOAA scientists need? Try 80 to 100 Terabytes, per day – a volume that filled its existing 10 Gbps network, all day long, no downtime, explains Jerry Janssen, Manager of NOAA’s n-wave network, in this video about the agency’s vision for a  100-Gig-capable network.

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News@Cisco Week in Review and Look Ahead: April 18-22

You know the drill…check out our top news stories of the week and what to look forward to next week.

1.)  Talk2Cisco: The Future of Video in the Enterprise

Yesterday Guido Jouret, Cisco’s VP/GM of the Enterprise Video Group and CTO of the Emerging Technologies Group joined Talk2Cisco for an interactive discussion about pervasive video. Jouret explained what the big buzz around video in the enterprise is all about and how enterprise organizations are harnessing video technologies to support their overall business. Miss the broadcast? Watch the replay above!

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