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Non-Stop Wireless Network at John Muir Health

Previously I have blogged about No SSID Outage and No Client Reauthentication whereby even if your Cisco Wireless Controllers were to fail due to any reason, the clients will NOT experience any downtime due to Stateful Failover functionality to a Standby Controller. What could be better than that? Controllers that never go down! 


A picture is worth a thousand words! As you can see the above the WEBGUI on a 5508 series wireless controller shows that, it is running 7.0 code which was an MD release, has been operational for over a thousand days or over three years! Read More »

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Cisco Blogs Under Construction: New Blog Site Launches Oct. 4

Dear valued reader,

Our blog upgrade is in progress.  In order to complete our blog migration to a new platform and a new design of the Cisco blogging site, we will not be publishing any new posts starting Wednesday September 29th – through Sunday, October 3rd. You will still be able to access the blog and any previous posts. Please watch this space and visit our new blog site beginning Monday, October 4th.

We apologize for the inconvenience and, meanwhile, hope that you can join us, interact with us and engage with us on our official Cisco twitter feed…or our official Cisco Facebook site.

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