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Hello #100! Cisco Eos Celebrates Launch of 100th Eos-powered Web Site

The 100th site on Cisco Eos:

Today, we are celebrating a significant milestone on the growth of the Cisco Eos social entertainment platform: the 100th live Eos-powered site.    Warner Brothers Records artist Iron and Wine ended up winning the centennial race, which looks like an added bonus to how well their new album “Kiss Each Other Clean” is doing on the Billboard album’s chart.

Congratulations, Iron and Wine, and the WBR team!  And thank you to everyone at Warner Music Group for the continued partnership.  (Apologies to @spinclair and @ericsnowden ; I know you guys were hoping it would be an @atlanticrecords artist site.  There’s always #150 or #200.)

We’ve had a busy year getting to this point.  Consider the following:

  • Throughout 2010, there was an average of one new Eos site launched per week.
  • Eos site traffic in the last quarter averaged more than 3.6 million unique visitors per month and 18 million page views per month. This represents an annual growth rate of more than 50% in unique views and a 79% increase in page views.

Since launching Cisco Eos two short years ago, a lot has happened in the Media & Entertainment industry.  Here are a few highlights of what’s happened recently: Read More »

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Cisco in the Movies!

As we’ve discussed on this blog, Cisco Eos® is a social entertainment software platform built for Media & Entertainment companies. The platform is being used by media companies in multiple entertainment genre — from music to T.V….from sports to film. Dogwoof, a leading distributor of independent films in the UK, such as Restrepo and No Impact Man, has been running on Eos for almost a year. Today, I’d like to introduce you to a new site that’s enabled by Cisco Eos, Variety’s Screening Series Video Q&A site:

The Variety Screening Series is an exclusive series of invite-only screenings of award-contending films. Each screening consists of a showing of the film, accompanied by a live Q&A with directors, producers, writers or actors associated with a particular film. The screenings take place in three cities: Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. The series is in its eighth year, but this is the first year in which they are utilizing Cisco Eos to extend the experience beyond the audience at the physical screenings.

Visiting this site is your opportunity to be a VIP and see the Q&A videos with your favorite stars, directors, etc., from the comfort of your own home (or at least laptop). For example:

If you register for the site, you can become part of the virtual audience — rating the videos on the site, sharing the videos with your friends via Facebook, MySpace and Twitter; you can even upload your own photos and videos related to the films and screening series.

The screening series runs through December, so be sure to check back frequently for updates. New videos are being added weekly and we’ll definitely be seeing more from L.A., N.Y. and a handful in S.F. The videos are a great resource for you film fans to get an additional fix as we go into the award season since many of these films, actors, directors and producers are likely candidates for nomination. Happy viewing!

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Allowing Advocates of Social Causes to ‘Continue the Conversation’ Online

Andy Whittaker talks with Cisco about Cisco Eos enablement of faster development time, increase in audience engagement and more.

  Andy Whittaker, Chairman and Founder of Dogwoof    dogwoof logo

We sat down with Andy Whittaker, Chairman and Founder of Dogwoof to get his perspective on how Cisco Eos has impacted his business. Today, Dogwoof has six sites on the Eos platform including, Dirty Oil, Good with Film, H2Oil, No Impact Man, South of the Boarder, and Videocracy.

Cisco: Welcome Andy. To give the readers a little background, can you tell us about challenges around your web infrastructure that motivated you to adopt a solution like Cisco Eos?

Read More »

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