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OpenStack Summit – Vote Now Speaking Sessions and Topics

You know the drill. It’s one of the great things about the OpenStack Summit. Unlike most other conferences, where organizers single-handedly set the agenda based on what they think you want to hear, the OpenStack Summit agenda is based on what you actually want to hear.

Curious about containers? Intrigued by NFV? Wondering what’s next on the Neutron roadOpenStack Austinmap? Tell them with your votes. Go to the OpenStack Foundation page and choose the sessions that are most interesting to you.It’s easy, it’s fun, and there is no limit to how many sessions you can vote for.*

But here’s the catch: The Foundation received more than 1,200 talk submissions this time. 1,200!!!

Do you have time to read through them all?

Of course not.

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Cisco Collaboration Summit: Notes from Day 1

It’s always nice to have your CEO stop by your event’s opening keynote. So it’s safe to say that Cisco’s Rowan Trollope had a pretty good day after CEO Chuck Robbins joined him on stage to say, “I fundamentally believe that you can’t build a digital business without collaboration.” And it’s a good way to kick things into high gear for this year’s Cisco Collaboration Summit.

And apparently the right shoes help, as Rowan pointed out: “I’m not wearing Converse, I’m wearing actual shoes — so something big must be happening today.” The something big is all about Cisco Spark.

2015-1208 spark announce

Spark Services Announcement
The new Cisco Spark Services deliver all the capabilities of the Cisco collaboration portfolio directly from the cloud, bringing together messaging, meetings, and calling – and connecting with our phones and video conferencing systems. Read More »

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Building a Developer Ecosystem

This is part of a series on the evolution of the Cisco Collaboration Cloud platform, exploring the technical and design principles behind its unique architecture.

So far in this series my colleagues have talked about various elements of our Cisco Collaboration Cloud platform. Rowan mentioned its origins and the problems we’re trying to solve. Jonathan discussed our approach to architecture for a platform that delivers innovative experiences for companies of all shapes, sizes, and deployments. And Jens hit home on user experience (no surprise from the guy who owns all of our user-facing apps).

My platform is about the platform itself. I believe that simple and open APIs unleash the power of a platform in ways that accelerate workflows and business processes, that result in driving user engagement.

I’m the new GM responsible for the Cisco cloud collaboration API strategy. My team cares most about three things when it comes to evolving our platforms for developers:

A Great Developer Experience: First and foremost, our goal is to make our APIs easy-to-learn and use. Developers want APIs to be comprehensive, yet simple so they can focus on their own applications rather than the complexity of a platform. We’ve gone to extreme lengths to make our APIs elegant, abstracting away the complexities of the underlying platform.

But even the smartest coders need help so our Tropo APIs are surrounded by handy quickstart guides, sample codes, and examples written by our support team, who are developers themselves. Our APIs are hosted on a free, open portal and enhanced by Cisco DevNet training and sandbox resources. Most important, we’re always available to chat. You can easily engage with us through a variety of channels including industry events and social media. Read More »

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Three Hybrid Cloud Applications That Make it Worth the Fuss…

So you thought that cloud was the fad of the day. But it stuck. Now you hear all the fuss about hybrid cloud. Even the die-hard cloud fanatics who believed that the only cloud had to be in the public cloud, have conceded that folks need hybrid cloud – a seamless application environment across on-premise and off-premise infrastructure that can provide best of both worlds – speed, scale and economics of public cloud with control, security and data sovereignty of private cloud. Hybrid cloud allows this perfect balance and you don’t have to worry about walking on a fine rope or tripping over IT control or compliance while providing agile IT services.

abstract image of acrobat elaphant

Sounds great! But what exactly can you do with hybrid cloud? A couple of use cases come to mind:

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Intercloud Microservices with Docker and Nirmata

At Cisco Intercloud CTO Innovation Center, innovative vendors are selected to integrate and build cloud services for customer and market trials. We combine the world’s best ISVs with Cisco’s best to bring unique innovations to our customers.   At Cisco Live 2015 in San Diego, we launched one such solution – Intercloud Microservices with Docker, Nirmata, and the Cisco ONE Enterprise Suite.  The Intercloud Microservices solution enables a new breed of DevOps – where business get unprecedented agility at scale using cloud-native architectures, and unprecedented flexibility in choosing best-of-breed Cisco Intercloud providers across the globe.

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