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Data Center Transformation: Impact on Storage Networks

The increase in enterprise data storage needs coupled with longer data retention periods (mandated by legislation and compliance regulations) is leading to large growth in storage infrastructure: more backup, complex archive and disaster recovery, and increased requirements for resources, such as space, power, cooling, storage, and personnel. While businesses are trying to reduce their CapEx and OpEx, they are challenged to lower their storage infrastructure investments.  In order to be more responsive in a highly competitive marketplace, organizations are transforming to support the 21st century needs, by being more agile and efficient in delivering centralized applications and services to a geographically distributed customer base. To accomplish these goals, organizations are consolidating data centers, adding virtualization technologies, and leveraging cloud architectures. These initiatives, along with others, are imposing significant strain on storage networks

 Now the question is how do you consolidate and virtualize Storage efficiently and support DC transformation? Is it by enabling FC or FCoE or iSCSI or NAS ?

May be, the answer is — “Multi-protocol Storage”… To provide highest reliability, scalability, and performance, organizations have traditionally deployed Fibre Channel storage networks and some will continue to do so.   FC is still the preferred choice for enterprise (large and small) and market transition from 4/8 G to 16 G is the best proof that FC market is strong and growing. While FC is growing,  Ethernet based Storage solutions ( i.e.FCOE, iSCSI etc) is also gaining mindshare and some of our progressive customers use end to end FCOE  and  other Ethernet based Storage protocols to reap  benefit of convergence.  Cisco solution enables true convergence by combining the power of Ethernet and Fibre Channel (FC) technology.

 If you like to learn how to design your converged storage networks, please attend the: Design Zone Webinar Series: Next topic – Network Convergence in a Unified Data CenterRegister: Sep 10 2013  8:00 AM  PST. This session will help you understand how FCoE technology can be deployed incrementally in the evolving converged data center designs. Learn how to design and deploy real-world converged storage networks with a number of real customer examples

Sep 10th 8:00 AM PST

Design Zone Webinar

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