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Best of Times, Worst of Times: Is Virtualization in the Data Center a Problem or an Opportunity?

As I travel the world, I ask my customers two simple questions:

First, are you virtualizing your data center? (Universally the answer is yes.)

Second, have you deployed any virtual security solution? (Universally the answer is no.)

Wow. How can this be? Does a virtual data center not need security? Not a chance. It needs security more than ever. Most customers are confining their virtualized infrastructure into secure zones, or virtual local area networks (VLANs). That’s useful for a first phase, but excessive VLAN segmentation holds us back from achieving the efficiencies of the utility computing model—and it also gets really complicated really quickly.

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Cisco Live! Las Vegas: Customer Appreciation List Continuation

Cisco Live!

I can’t believe that we’re over halfway done with Cisco Live! Las Vegas this week. We’re fortunate to have such a great family of experts in one spot for a deep dive into what’s happening in technology now and upcoming. Between the customer meetings, the sessions, and analyst roundtables, it’s been busy, exciting, and fruitful.

As promised, here is the continuation of public Service Provider customers we have for Cisco’s data center solutions. I’m proud to say each has taken to heart the aspiration for delivering the best services and solutions to their customers via the Cloud. Please get a hold of me if you should be on this list and have an opportunity for us to tell your story.

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A Sneak Peek of the UCS 2nd Year Celebration

Last night we kicked off the week in style with a celebration of our Unified Computing Systems. July marks the 2nd year that we’ve been shipping our UCS products and we were happy to mark the occasion surrounded by some of our best customers and our UCS executives at the Mix Lounge atop THEHotel in fabulous Las Vegas. Of course, not all of our 5,400 customers could attend live, so we’ll be sharing highlights from the event over the next few days.

It was a fun way to start out the week! We have some great, enthusiastic customers. And you can’t have a birthday party without a cake, but this one was a little different… check it out below:

Stay tuned for more on the UCS 2nd year celebration!

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Cisco Live! Las Vegas: Customer Appreciation

We’re already to Tuesday of Cisco Live Las Vegas and almost everyone has arrived. The show floor and sessions are packed! It’s going to be a memorable event when we close up on Thursday.  Again, if you are not able to make it physically, please join us online.

Cisco Live!

After mentioning some of our partners and customers yesterday, I feel the there is more to that piece of story of why Cisco Live is so important.  I’ve talked here before about the benefits of Cisco’s Unified Computing System blade and rack next-generation data center products and tying our compute solution to the intelligence in the delivery network gives SPs a level of control and efficiency that isn’t matched by OTT players for quality offerings; I still believe those advantages combined under our Cisco Unified Service Delivery solution and are what sets Cisco out from the rest of the Cloud solution equipment providers.

But of greater importance is the when a customer stands up and points to your infrastructure underlying their successful business.  I would like to publically thank our other public Service Provider data center customers that over the last 2+ years have come out praising Cisco’s Unified Service Delivery solution and are on their way along the pathway to Cloud.

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Cisco Live : Daily Blogger Techminute and UCS 2 Years Birthday Celebration

There was a lot energy yesterday at Cisco Live – A larger than expected crowd gathered in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, showing a growing interest for Cisco and Cisco partners. At the end of a series of video interviews I was happy to welcome for a  quick panel on desktop virtualization Citrix Natalie Lambert, NetApp Vaughn Stewart and Cisco Doug Dooley

If you want to know more about Cisco Desktop Virtualization, check also this video interview from Doug Dooley at Citrix Synergy.

After the panel, data center bloggers and tweeps gathered for a meet up, happy hour,  and raffle on the data center booth at the World of Solutions which just opened at 5:00 pm  – A great opportunities to meet physically a lot of Cisco and non Cisco bloggers.

But the end was not over as I join my video crew for the UCS birthday – Cisco Live was an opportunity to celebrate with numerous customers and with our partner Intel on the last floor on THEhotel  the 2 years of Unified Computing System – A birthday can’t be sweet without a cake – So we shared a cake made after the UCS design – Check out the unusual shape of this cake !Sounds familiar ?

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