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EVRY protects SAN investment, expands Capabilities

EVRY chooses Cisco MDS 9710 to adapt easily to emerging and future customer demands. EVRY provides IT services to businesses, financial institutions, national public sector entities, municipalities, and health authorities in Norway and other Nordic countries.

EVRY’s virtualization deployments are expanding rapidly and customers deploying more applications placed higher demands on storage environments. EVRY’s requirements include 16-Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity without oversubscription, high reliability storage environment and the system had to support switching for 12 petabytes of storage on more than 100 storage arrays. Of course it had to be easy to manage as they have a very small team.

EVRY chose Cisco MDS 9710 Multilayer Director switches for their SAN core. The new systems were delivered and supported by Cisco storage partner EMC.

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Customer Adoption Series: TOTVS chooses Cisco MDS 9710 Multilayer Directors to create highly scalable, flexible hosting infrastructure

Cloud is driving unprecedented levels of data growth and demanding strong interdependency between the server, network, and storage environments. Customers like TOTVS agree that in order to properly consolidated and centralize cloud environments, organizations need improved, easy-to-manage Infrastructures, capable of cloud scale and performance.

TOTVS based in Brazil, is that country’s market leader and the sixth largest software company in the world, supporting more than 26,000 customers in 23 countries. TOTVS’ SAN stores and switches 200 terabits of storage and is growing quickly as customers increasingly prefer to access and run applications in the cloud.

•	Significantly scaling performance through high-density switch design

TOTVS’ main data center hosts applications that are used by clients, such as TOTVS ERP and Fluig, a platform that allows clients to manage processes, documents and identity through a single interface. Fluig integrates applications including business process management, enterprise content management, analytics, mail, social media, web content management, and Fluig’s secure identity management solution.

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