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7 Questions to Ask Before Launching a Social Media Program

September 13, 2012 at 1:15 pm PST
Success can come in many forms. Three very different success stories. Listen to the replay for details.

This week, Partner Velocity (Cisco’s program to help partners’ marketing efforts) held a one-hour webcast to help you get started with social media.

It’s a topic near and dear to my heart, so I led the webcast and provided some guidance for beginners and more advanced practitioners, tips, and tricks to help launch a social media presence.

If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry as there’s a replay available. Be sure to listen to this replay and attend the next two webinars in the series: you’ll be entered to win a US$2500 marketing consultation.

Head to the Partner Velocity site for details, and to register for the next two sessions (Social Media for Events and Creating an Integrated Campaign).

Here’s a quick recap of the topics covered in this week’s session “Building a Successful Social Media Program”:

  • How to develop a listening strategy
  • How to define and segment your audience (and create content for each persona)
  • Tips and tricks for engaging with your audience
  • Ways to design a measurement/metrics plan
  • And finally, some key takeaways and next steps

Keep reading for my seven questions to ask before launching your own social media program.

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November 14, 2010 at 7:53 pm PST

Wow. Respected web analysts SiteIQ have just published a review of the new  Why’s Latest Redesign is a Stroke of Brilliance

It’s a gratifying read for our web team, of course, but what I like most about the post is that it recognizes that the most important aspects of the design aren’t the obvious visual aspects. Instead, they’re the less glamorous challenges like making it easier to navigate across the site, and simplifying the content in our product areas.

Navigational menu on

Image: The new cross-site "mega menus," available from most every page.

A big web site is a little like a major city:  There are millions of “addresses”.  There are the brilliant showcase districts and signature buildings. But the bulk of a working city is the utilitarian areas and boulevards where people spend most of their working and living time.  And of course there are grungy areas that need a little repair or reinvention. has all of these, but in our recent design updates we’ve tried hard to make the working areas work harder than ever, and added new shine to the showcase districts where we orient newcomers or explain major concepts like Collaboration or Borderless Networks.

As with a city, the improvement work is never done.  We (literally) work night and day to make big and small improvements to the site to make it work better for you.

If you ever have feedback, please drop us on a note from the footer of every page.

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Professional Content Drives Web Traffic

Dan Scheinman Tweet

Dan Scheinman, our Cisco Media Solutions Group GM and SVP, above, tweeted about how powerful social networks need professional content.

During last year’s television season -- from the Fall of 2009 to the Spring close of 2010 -- I noticed a trend that supports this belief. It seems the more web content a TV network produces around their broadcast TV programs, the more traffic their sites generate. I also discovered TV ratings of the 4 major TV networks do not correlate to which network TV web sites (,, and are the most popular. In fact, when it comes to ranking the traffic to TV web sites of the major networks, it seems the volume of online content matters more than the TV ratings. 

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