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What’s your favorite part of CES?

With so much happening at CES, it can be difficult to choose the best part of the show. Our VP of Marketing for Cisco Consumer Products, Simon Fleming-Wood, tells us his favorite part of CES:

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Cisco CES 2011 Spotlight: Cisco ūmi at the Intel Booth

Where can you find the coolest gadget trend at CES 2011? Cisco ūmi, high definition video calling on your HD Television, at the Intel Booth! AND imagine the performance with Intel Inside®.

The Intel® media processor enables high quality A/V with sharper images, deep color, and exceptional video performance and what better way than to call our fabulous magician, Jeff, who is located in Los Angeles, CA.

We had crowds of people stopping by to watch Jeff’s interactive magic tricks and I can assure you that everyone was blown away (including me). Many people thought they were watching a video of Jeff until he pointed out what they were wearing and was able to read their name from their exhibitor’s pass over 300 miles away.

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WIN PRIZES: Tweet #CiscoCESTweetUp on Jan. 5 from 7-8:30PM PST

The Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in Las Vegas begins in just a few days and we want you to learn about Cisco’s consumer products and have the opportunity to win Cisco prizes for yourself!

Join us on on January 5, 2011 from 7-8:30PM and use the hashtag #CiscoCESTweetup to be entered to win over $2000 in prizes.

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Cisco ūmi: What are you thankful for?

Fall is in full swing, and the year is winding down.  You can just feel it.  The first snow flurries are beginning to cover the leaf piles in the Northeast.  The Chicago winds are whipping off Lake Michigan, sending chills down the spines of Bears Fans.  And out here in the Bay Area, well, summer is setting in up North in San Francisco.  I still can’t get over how that seems to happen every year…75 degrees in November!

And while much of the country might be winding down for winter, things are just starting to heat up for Cisco ūmi and the great team we have over here.  It’s been a little over a month since the launch and we have so much to be thankful for this year.  Cisco ūmi systems are shipping to customers who pre-ordered them, and they are now available at Magnolia locations through Best Buy.

Tomorrow is the first Thanksgiving that families and friends from coast-to-coast will be able to sit down– together –and give a live holiday toast for that most famous of meals with ūmi.

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Cisco ūmi: Now your TV is your “Best Friend”

Cisco ūmi: Now your TV is your “Best Friend”

On May 13, 2010, we launched the “$10,000 Cisco What If Your TV Could…?” video contest asking consumers “If your TV could do anything, what would you want it to do?”

We received over 175 creative video submissions ranging from your television cooking dinner for you to hologram TV’s. A common video submission theme that we received was a television being a better communications vehicle.

Check out this video from last June of Cisco’s SVP, Carlos Dominguez, at the Cisco Social Media Ragan Summit, talking about how he wishes he had telepresence in his home. Also, click here to hear the most recent video of Carlos talking to CNN’s Ali Velshi about how Cisco may use communications tools in the future.

The $10,000 Cisco TV Contest winners were two brothers from Tennessee who rapped about how they wish their television could be their companion, their best friend.

Well, Nick and Zack, Cisco was listening  and unveiled the latest consumer product to the market last week in San Francisco- Cisco ūmi™ telepresence (pronounced you-me).

Cisco ūmi allows you to now “get together” with your best friend and experience high definition video calling in the comfort of your very own living room. Whether you are 10 miles away or 5000 miles away, Cisco ūmi makes it easy to connect with your best friend.

So here’s the million dollar question. If you had to choose one best friend to call, who would it be?

Also, check out this video interview with the winners of the $10,000 Cisco TV Contest to hear who they are and what they ended up doing with the grand prize money.

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