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Get your Home Entertainment Devices Connected – Simply!

Okay, so you have an Internet-enabled TV, an Xbox, Wii or PS3, a Slingbox or even a media server solution like a Roku box and you want to connect them to the internet to take advantage of online movies, music and TV services such as Netflix, Hulu or Pandora or want to play online games but you have no idea how.  Well it’s pretty simple – and all you need is a Wireless Bridge.  A few networking companies make them – but if you are one of the 70 Million plus Linksys routers users – you might want to consider using a Linksys Bridge.  We just launched our new one today called the Linksys Wireless-N Dual Band Bridge (WES610N).

The new Linksys bridge has four Ethernet ports which you can plug in multiple entertainment devices like I mentioned above to give them technology to wirelessly connect them to your wireless router and give them the internet connectivity needed to stream movies, music and games.  Without the bridge you’ll have to string Ethernet cables from each device back to the router.  This is not always the best situation if you have your router located in a different room than your Internet-enabled TV or game console. 

Getting your Entertainment connected wirelesslyThe bridge is also really simple to set up – really!  Routers have been around for over a decade and we have done a lot of work simplifying the set up and use of routers – as well as connecting devices to your router.  The bridge features WPA2 Security and a Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button.  The WPS button helps users get their bridge set up easily and more securely with a wireless router that also includes WPS, which most of the Linksys wireless routers include.

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