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Virtual Banks – Are they the new “local” bank?

In last week’s blog, Bank Branches – “News of my death has been greatly exaggerated”, I argued that bank branches are not only thriving, but are the foundation customer interaction channel for most retail banks and that video will be the enabling technology to reinvigorate and reenergize the branch. Read More »

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Transforming Business Processes with Business Tablets like the Cisco Cius

When I meet with customers, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is what makes a tablet suitable for enterprise use. It’s a great question. I then share my thoughts – and they in turn provide theirs.

The timing’s right to consider this – at least when considering projections, such as from Deloitte, which are forecasting that 50% of computing devices in 2011 will NOT be PC’s – but will be tablets or smartphones. The landscape’s changing indeed.

So, for those of you considering a tablet solution to redefine how your employees go about their work, here are some key areas I’ll share that your colleagues are thinking about. That you may want to consider as you sort through the landscape of tablet options available to you to change your business processes:

  • How important is it that your tablet solution is fully integrated into your communications capabilities, such as voice and/or video interoperability, secure social messaging or offering full desktop computing?
  • Is corporate governance and compliance in your enterprise a factor? For example, are detailed call records, secure call recording with redundant backup systems key record keeping capabilities for your business, due to regulatory requirements?

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Blending Art and Technology to Reach Dance Students around the World

We’re excited to share that earlier this week Cisco was honored at the National Dance Institute’s 34th annual gala at the Best Buy Theatre in New York City. National Dance Institute (NDI), a non-profit organization founded by world-renowned dancer Jacques d’Amboise, provides students access to classes and performances in the arts free of charge.

NDI Celebration Team dancers perform at NDI's 34th annual Gala

What a fantastic event!  Founder d’Amboise spoke about his experience using Cisco TelePresence to globalize dance.  Cisco was recognized for its part in hosting the first dance rehearsal via Cisco TelePresence for dancers to share virtual performances between New York and Shanghai in June 2010.

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Bank Branches – “News of my death has been greatly exaggerated”

As I think back to the turn of the century, I remember banking analysts, as well as technology luminaries, were all boldly predicting the demise of not only banks in general, but of the bank branch in particular. Their mantra was, “turn bricks to clicks”. According to their view, consumers were going to abandon the branch in favor of alternative channels such as contact centers, ATMs, the Internet and, more recently, mobile devices. 

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The World of LinkedIn: What’s Next?

Who knew that there are 74 job openings for Elvis tribute artists and 1 opening as a “martini whisperer” on LinkedIn?  True confession:  I was (maybe still am) tempted…

Isn’t that a wonderful truth about online networking and sharing sites like this? It is here where we can discover, learn and engage in “virtual watering holes” and “online town squares” that fit our interests.

via LinkedIn Blog Infographic

LinkedIn now has over 100 million members and averaging one new member every second.  Through a very clever infographic, the online networking site celebrates this milestone by giving us  a view into what this networked community is made of…

–          73 of the Fortune 100 with Cisco listed as one of 6 most represented companies

–          56 million members residing outside of the US

–          1 “invest in cheese” group (huh?)

–          17.8 million groups

At Cisco, we are still learning, and like so many companies it is through active participation on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.  Through these conversations and with tools like Cisco SocialMiner we pick up new knowledge, listen and share.  It’s real-time marketing and it just makes sense for our bottom-line and in allowing us to expand reach beyond where traditional marketing and conversations can take us.

LinkedIn has grown in large part due to its focus – the professional community.  It dovetails nicely with our efforts on Facebook, for example, and is where we can engage with affinity groups, actively recruit, and connect with those in way really is the equivalent of swapping a virtual business card and expanding that connection.  Certainly, the rising knowledge workers of today have a soul-mate in LinkedIn.

And, today I engage in multiple ways both as a part of Cisco and as an individual as do thousands of my peers. Yet, like so many others I wonder how long we can sustain the proliferation of experiences and things.  The post-PC era is upon us. Yet the number of screens that we have is still expanding and we have social sites for our professional friends, sites for our personal/professional friends, etc. This is not a new question and the next wave of innovation in social media will likely be through intelligent aggregation that allows us to traverse across devices and applications in the way we want and that adapts to our interest. Technology will still matter as it will require intelligence, bandwidth and a “playing well with others.”  But, in reality it should increasingly become invisible.

So, congratulations LinkedIn!  What’s next?  I can’t wait.

And, I wonder what  some of you think..  How do you think the way we collaborate and connect will change?  How do you use certain social sharing sites either together or apart?

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