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Transforming Education through Collaboration

If you’re familiar with Cisco’s collaboration products, you’ve probably heard us discuss how they will change the nature of the workplace; from who we work with, to where and when we work, to how business processes are interleaved with the collaboration experience. But what about how they change the way we learn? Higher education represents an enormous opportunity for collaboration products to engage and educate the next generation of global leaders.

Last week, we demonstrated collaboration’s impact on education by announcing that Duke University is using Cisco Quad in their Fuqua School of Business, MBA -- Cross Continent program. The reason? To ensure that students throughout the world can fully participate in the program at any Duke campus -- not as passive listeners, but as active participants in the learning experience. Cisco Quad collaboration software enables global students to create virtual working groups, find fellow students with common interests, share content, files or videos and instantly start video or audio conferences and chat sessions.

Using Cisco Quad in education is quite appropriate because the product was named after a university campus quad. It’s a place for social networking, where students meet and hang out, share experiences and create, in some cases, lifelong connections. As you go from one class to another, you probably always traverse the quad -- it’s a place for constant action and change. This image of the quad seemed like a nice moniker for the product. With Duke, it’s particularly appropriate because we’ve expanded the physical campus to a virtual place that encompasses much more real estate, creating a hub for sharing information and changing the way education happens today. Read More »

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Climate of Expectations

The course of civil life has taken an intense and acute turn over the past few years.  The economic downturn of 2008 offered the first recession of the social networking era, where the interconnectedness and scale of the world economy was only matched by the growth of social networking and micro-blogging.  If Facebook was a country, it would be the world’s third largest.  Since the 2008 U.S. Presidential election, social networking has been a growing force in political life.  Indeed, the threat of removal of Facebook would be the social network equivalent of the international sovereign debt crisis.  As Finley Peter Dunne said last century, “it ain’t beanbag.”

The traditional arc of public sector institutions reflects these forces.  For the first couple millennia of national systems were based on centralized power managed by tight, controlled and slow information networks.  For a few thousand years, storytelling played the primary role in maintaining civil systems.  Five hundred plus years ago, Johannes Gutenberg paved the way for dissemination of public orders and rules.  Indeed, the Renaissance man of the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin, was himself a printer.

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How do I keep iPads off of my factory floor?

This question was posed by the Manufacturing IT Director for a major Pharma producer, as part of an annual customer advisory board hosted jointly by Cisco and Rockwell Automation. One answer:  Good luck! …And why would you want to?


Chet Namboodri talks about how consumer products are entering production and maintenance workflows and how “Rockwell and Cisco are in the forefront of enabling those solutions” during a recent customer innovation council session.

The migration of technology and applications from Consumer to Business to Industrial has become a well worn path, and the use of Smart Phones, Tablets, Mobile Video and other Operator Interfaces powering work flows and industrial intelligence has become a mainstay for Manufacturers.  Read More »

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Flexible Agent Desktop – New Podcast

December 17, 2010 at 10:10 am PST

New Web Based Agent Desktops

Fresh excerpt on our podcast feed pulled from our popular episode ‘Bringing Collaboration to the Contact Center’

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How Cisco Collaborates Internally

Cisco’s collaboration solution is now deployed internally to 110,000 employees and contractors worldwide.  As the future of work continues to evolve to be more collaborative, business transformation is a must. At Cisco, that means continuing to break down the silos and bring teams closer together. Enter the Integrated Workforce Experience (IWE), the next generation of Cisco’s intranet. IWE enables employees to connect, communicate, and collaborate with each other. IWE is also one of Cisco’s enterprise-wide investments that will, over time, result in a best-in-class employee experience.

In keeping with the focus on using Cisco’s technology, the company has transitioned IWE powered by Cisco Quad collaboration software and has made it available to all employees and contractors. Cisco Quad, an enterprise social collaboration platform, is one of the company’s newest additions to its collaboration portfolio—and customers are purchasing it today.

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