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Cloud and Managed Services Portfolio Expands with Six New Cisco Powered Services

Cloud has revolutionized the way we develop, deploy, buy and sell. Businesses today are increasingly looking to add hybrid, private and public cloud solutions to their existing managed services to deploy cost-effective solutions. This increases their agility to scale up or down, boosts productivity, and helps simplify operations. This means that resources can focus on the core business, reduce total cost of ownership, and find smart ways to replace an aging infrastructure. This, in my opinion, is leading to profound change and presenting countless new business opportunities.

Our recent Intercloud announcements from Rob Lloyd and Edison Peres underscore Cisco’s commitment to Cloud based consumption models and today we are expanding our cloud and managed services portfolio to include five new Cisco Powered Cloud Services and one new Cisco Powered Managed Service portfolio for a total of 11 Cisco Powered Cloud and 10 Managed services. This will continue to enable our Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Program (CMSP) partners to expand their portfolio of cloud and managed offers to transform the customer experience. Read More »

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Enroll Now in VIP 21 to Claim Your Share of Cisco’s Multi-Billion Dollar VIP Partner Investment

We place great value in our partner relationships. And since our inception of the Cisco Value Incentive Program (VIP), we’ve invested billions of dollars to help partners like you increase your return on your Cisco investment and boost your profitability.

VIP 21 is available to all of our Cisco specialized, certified, and Authorized Technology Partners (ATP) who promote the adoption of Cisco architectures (Borderless Networks, Collaboration, Data Center, Cloud and Managed Services, and Express) within the current six month program period.

Take a look at the new ways our 21st VIP offering allows you to reap even greater rewards around key industry trends. Be sure to also check out our handy VIP 21 infographic at the end of this post to get a snapshot of the program, key updates, and enrollment information.   Read More »

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