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Mexico’s Presidential Visit: How Cisco can Transform Education, Healthcare and Government

Mexican President Felipe Calderon visited the Cisco main campus in San Jose, California on June 11, 2011. He was on a technology trends tour and wanted to get first hand information about how technology can be applied to help solve some Mexico’s challenges. We honored to host President Calderon. During his visit, we demonstrated the power of collaboration technologies to transform education, healthcare, and government administration.

Mexico is a world leader in the use of Cisco TelePresence technology, both in the executive office and in healthcare applications. Mexico’s next step may well be in building cloud services. Patient records, hospital administration, pharmacy information, and more can be stored in the cloud and delivered to care givers or administrators as needed.

HealthPresence was of particular interest. Providing high-quality care to all citizens at a reasonable cost is a priority worldwide. Technology has long played a role in healthcare, but collaboration and cloud-based services are changing both patient care and healthcare investment priorities.

During President Calderon’s visit, we demonstrated Cisco HealthPresence, a telepresence-based technology that integrates a range of medical devices through the network. Care delivered at a distance, or with vehicles delivering mobile care to rural areas, can become intimate and sophisticated when specialists provided services through the network. The demonstration also included the Health Services Exchange (HSX), a cloud-based solution for the management of healthcare information.

In addition to the healthcare presentation, President Calderon was given a demonstration showing how technology and the network can improve and extend the education experience. The key to a great classroom is always a great teacher. Nurturing great teachers requires constant training, but the travel expense and time away from the classroom make training challenging. Solutions such as the Digital Media System (DMS) can be used to remotely train teachers and deliver more information to the education community.

President Calderon was given a demonstration on how collaboration technologies are transforming the way government institutions organize themselves, administer their activities and communicate with their citizens. From tax authorities to hospitals to complex public or private enterprises, these technologies are improving productivity and job satisfaction while delivering better services for citizens and consumers. Finally, President Calderon was able to experience the Cisco Cius with its rich media capabilities supporting video calls.

I will leave you know with a few videos and pictures from the visit:

Mexican President Felipe Calderon at Cisco
Mexican President Felipe Calderon at Cisco Campus on June 11. Jaime Valles, vice president Cisco Latin America; Chuck Robbins, senior vice president for the Americas region; Kerry Lynn Lambert, senior vice president Services Cisco Americas; Francisco Uribe director business development Cisco Mexico and Rogelio Velasco, general director of Cisco Mexico.

Felipe Calderon, Health presence
President Felipe Calderon interacting with a Cisco Health Presense solution during his visit to CIsco campus in San Jose, California

Calderon demo CIUS
President Felipe Calderon using Cisco CIUS during his visit to San Jose, California

President Calderon and Cisco team
Jaime Valles, vice president of Cisco Latin America; Kerry Lynn Lambert, senior vicepresident Services Cisco Americas; President Felipe Calderon, Chuck Robbins, senior vice president for the Americas region and Rogelio Velasco, general director of Cisco Mexico.

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Video and Virtualization: Just Another Day at Citrix Synergy

If what I saw at the Citrix Synergy conference in San Francisco this week is any indication of what will be coming soon, I’d better invest in a personal hairstylist.

With video becoming more and more prevalent on the network, whether it be mobile phones, Cisco Cius and other tablets, IP phones, or TelePresence – there isn’t a question of whether or not video is here to stay. But one question remains: Is your network ready? (And maybe one more question: how does my hair look?)

If your customers haven’t prepared their networks yet, here’s something that might give them the extra boost that they need: Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecasted that videos will account for 90% of network traffic by 2013.

By selling Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI), you’ll help customers prepare for that change. We visited the Cisco booth at the conference and caught up with Cisco’s Operations Director Jeff Platon. He gave us a full tour of the end-to-end VXI system with products that utilize high-definition video.

Watch the full tour:

What else did we see at Citrix Synergy? Read More »

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Meet the Creators of Cisco’s Social Business Network: Quad

I was over in Cisco’s building 32 the other day and was about to meet with the collaboration team when I saw something that looked a lot like Facebook running on a Cius and an iPhone.  As I went over to explore, I met Raghurama Bhat and Ashish Chirputkar, the two ‘humble’ engineers who created Cisco Quad, our enterprise social collaboration platform.

I started wondering how Bhat and Chirputkar had the time to develop Quad, how internal development began, and why a Facebook,Twitter or LinkedIn for the enterprise makes sense.  So with my HD video camera already in hand, I recorded this interesting feature interview.  These two engineers and their team had a huge impact on how work is now done at Cisco where over 70,000 employees live their days in Quad to get their work done and collaborate.

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Behind the Scenes with Cisco Cius: Video as Simple as a Phone Call

When Alexander Graham Bell said, “Mr. Watson — come here — I want to see you” into the first telephone, could he have imagined that the “see you” would someday be so literal?

Over the coming weeks, I’m going to share with you a series of behind the scenes videos about Cisco Cius, a first-of-its-kind mobile collaboration tablet built for business.  In this first video, Chuck Fontana, director of Product Marketing for Cisco Cius shows how making a mobile video call with Cius is as easy as making a phone call.

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Lots Happening at Citrix Synergy, San Francisco

There’s lots of activity at Cisco right now leading up to Citrix Synergy in San Francisco next week. Our theme for the event is the ongoing collaboration with Citrix on Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI)

Both companies have been busy since last September, when we launched our first desktop virtualization solution with Citrix resulting in high levels of interest from both customers and mutual partners. This Cisco UCS solution delivers one of the most scalable XenDesktop platforms on the market as verified in a recent report published by Principled Technologies and has been chosen as a Citrix Ready Partner Solution of the Year Finalist .

In January we published another Cisco Validated Design (CVD) for XenDesktop and XenApp on Microsoft Hyper-V to add to the existing designs with VMware vSphere and Citrix XenServer.

More recently we began shipping our first VXC zero clients with Citrix ICA support. And for the growing number of mobile users that need their desktop and collaboration services with them wherever they go – there is the Cisco Cius business tablet with Citrix Receiver support.

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