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Cisco and Intel : Enabling Collaboration and Innovation

Intel blogger Sandhya Gorman is back this week to talk about Intel and Cisco leadership in innovation and collaboration .

“Two leaders I respect very much were featured at Oracle Open World 2011- Cisco CEO John Chambers and Intel GM Kirk Skaugen.  Both spoke on different days to separate audiences but the themes were strikingly synergistic.

Skaugen spoke about the explosion of data that will be sparked by the 15B connected devices expected to be in the hands of the worldwide population by 2015.  This year, connected devices produced 245 Exabytes (that’s a 10 followed by 18 zero’s) of data alone.  As we get to 15B devices, businesses will need to rely on the Cloud to manage all the data in order for them to focus their efforts on innovation and capturing market transitions.

Chambers expressed Cisco’s vision of collaboration and connectivity to foster innovation.  Businesses and consumers no longer will have to deal with 7 or 8 vendors, standalone devices and architectures to collaborate and realize the relevance of the all the exabytes of data we process.  Read appreciative comments on John’s presentation and watch it here

Interestingly, both Cisco and Intel are in a position of enabling collaboration and innovation from both a push and pull perspective.

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Developers, Developers Developers! Cius Developer Program and Droidcon London 2011

In a classic performance, captured here on Youtube, Steve Balmer does a pretty good job of illustrating his feelings on the importance of developers. We share his enthusiasm.

You have probably already heard that we have an enterprise tablet, the Cius, with corporate telepresence, baked-in security/encryption, VXI, docking stations, display out and a bunch of other features that make it the ideal corporate citizen. One of those features of particular note to developers is the enterprise app store, AppHQ. The AppHQ makes it easier for Cius owners to find apps, while providing an easy route to market for developers. Of course, things like the AppHQ are far more interesting when well stocked with interesting apps, which brings us to the next point…

Cius Developer Program

Speaking of developers, Cisco has a substantial developer network, not surprisingly called the Cisco Developer Network. Better yet, part of that larger effort is the Cius Developer program. We make it easy. Cius uses the popular Android OS, the apps you write will appear in the Cisco AppHQ (if you charge for your apps, you get 70%) and we will help you along the way, with forums, extensive documentation including a solid API reference, and sample code and apps. By the way, did you know what 85% of the Fortune 500 use Cisco Unified Communications?


To help get the word out on the Cius Developer program, Cisco will be at Droidcon London. Participate in our “Crack the Code” breakout session with Marcus O’ Sullivan, Business Development at Cisco on the first day at 2:40 PM in room two. Then, have a drink on us; we’ll be sponsoring drinks later in the exhibit hall. On the second day, Tim Stone, Cisco Business Development Director will give a key note on the insights on enterprise mobility strategies first day at 9:35 AM in the auditorium.

If you miss some of these events, that’s okay, you can always drop by our booth, [booth number] any time—you wouldn’t be able to miss it. Bring some ideas, we’ll be glad to chat with you about the possibilities that are out there for you.

We are also giving away two Cius tablets at Droidcon—just drop your business card off at one of the events or at our booth and we will pick two winners!

So, if you can, please join us at Droidcon – we look forward to hearing from you. If you can’t make it to Droidcon, we certainly encourage you to join the Cius Developer Program.

Remember, there are lots of ecosystems out there but the good ones all have one thing in common…

Developers, developers, developers!

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Geeky Technology Rules at Cisco Live

Aside from technical sessions, keynotes, and fun evening events, Cisco Live had a bustling show floor with lots of companies showing off devices, software, hardware, and gadgets.

We took a tour around the World of Solutions and here’s our roundup of the coolest, geekiest devices we saw this week.

Check out the full list of what we saw, complete with links and more details.

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The Network Week in Review and Look Ahead: June 27- July 1

Hi all, I’m Kati Dahm and I’m interning with the Social Media Communications team at Cisco this summer. I’ll be taking over for Lindsay with your top news stories of the week, coming from The Network to your computer every Friday. With The Network fully underway, these are our top stories of the week.

1.)  Innovators: Dino Fainacci on the Magic of LISP

Dino Farinacci has developed a tool called LISP to make the transfer between technology easier than it’s ever been. No wires, no dialing in, no hassle!

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Mexico’s Presidential Visit: How Cisco can Transform Education, Healthcare and Government

Mexican President Felipe Calderon visited the Cisco main campus in San Jose, California on June 11, 2011. He was on a technology trends tour and wanted to get first hand information about how technology can be applied to help solve some Mexico’s challenges. We honored to host President Calderon. During his visit, we demonstrated the power of collaboration technologies to transform education, healthcare, and government administration.

Mexico is a world leader in the use of Cisco TelePresence technology, both in the executive office and in healthcare applications. Mexico’s next step may well be in building cloud services. Patient records, hospital administration, pharmacy information, and more can be stored in the cloud and delivered to care givers or administrators as needed.

HealthPresence was of particular interest. Providing high-quality care to all citizens at a reasonable cost is a priority worldwide. Technology has long played a role in healthcare, but collaboration and cloud-based services are changing both patient care and healthcare investment priorities.

During President Calderon’s visit, we demonstrated Cisco HealthPresence, a telepresence-based technology that integrates a range of medical devices through the network. Care delivered at a distance, or with vehicles delivering mobile care to rural areas, can become intimate and sophisticated when specialists provided services through the network. The demonstration also included the Health Services Exchange (HSX), a cloud-based solution for the management of healthcare information.

In addition to the healthcare presentation, President Calderon was given a demonstration showing how technology and the network can improve and extend the education experience. The key to a great classroom is always a great teacher. Nurturing great teachers requires constant training, but the travel expense and time away from the classroom make training challenging. Solutions such as the Digital Media System (DMS) can be used to remotely train teachers and deliver more information to the education community.

President Calderon was given a demonstration on how collaboration technologies are transforming the way government institutions organize themselves, administer their activities and communicate with their citizens. From tax authorities to hospitals to complex public or private enterprises, these technologies are improving productivity and job satisfaction while delivering better services for citizens and consumers. Finally, President Calderon was able to experience the Cisco Cius with its rich media capabilities supporting video calls.

I will leave you know with a few videos and pictures from the visit:

Mexican President Felipe Calderon at Cisco
Mexican President Felipe Calderon at Cisco Campus on June 11. Jaime Valles, vice president Cisco Latin America; Chuck Robbins, senior vice president for the Americas region; Kerry Lynn Lambert, senior vice president Services Cisco Americas; Francisco Uribe director business development Cisco Mexico and Rogelio Velasco, general director of Cisco Mexico.

Felipe Calderon, Health presence
President Felipe Calderon interacting with a Cisco Health Presense solution during his visit to CIsco campus in San Jose, California

Calderon demo CIUS
President Felipe Calderon using Cisco CIUS during his visit to San Jose, California

President Calderon and Cisco team
Jaime Valles, vice president of Cisco Latin America; Kerry Lynn Lambert, senior vicepresident Services Cisco Americas; President Felipe Calderon, Chuck Robbins, senior vice president for the Americas region and Rogelio Velasco, general director of Cisco Mexico.

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