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#CiscoChampion Radio, S2|Ep. 43. SAFE Simplifies Security

#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’re talking about SAFE Simplifies Security with Cisco Security Solution Architect, Christian Janoff.

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Cisco SME
Christian Janoff, Security Solution Architect

Cisco Champion Guest Hosts
Jake Gillen (@jakegillen & @ITSEC_jakeg), Senior Security
Brad Haynes (@GK_bradhaynes), Client Solutions Specialist
Ed Walsh (@vEddieW), CTO Evangelist

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Interacting with Metapod from the OpenStack CLI (or Building your OpenStack CLI VM)

Back in September 2014 Cisco acquired private OpenStack cloud service company Metacloud ( Initially known as Cisco OpenStack Private Cloud (COPC) and now known as Cisco Metapod®. Cisco Metapod represents one of most robust and scalable OpenStack-as-a-Service or On-Premise Public Cloud Experience offering in the market. With the agility and vision of a startup, the stability and expertise of Cisco, this is a solution and a service that helps businesses with the adoption of the agile/mode 2 or cloud native applications. Read More »

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Recognizing a Good Network Design

How do you recognize a good network or datacenter design? What contributes to a good design? How do you learn to do network design well, and then continue improving?

Spotting design problems is key to the network assessments my employer, NetCraftsmen, does. There are other important aspects of assessments: network configuration (execution of the design and attention to details), and performance (network bottlenecks, poor choices of equipment, etc.). However, they are more often implementation flaws in the design. If the design itself is flawed, good implementation cannot do much to compensate. We generally require one of our Craftsmen Assessments so we can identify and fix important design problems before agreeing to provide support via our Craftsmen Assurance Managed Services program.

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Using Cisco VIRL with Additional Components

One of the things we tend to do as networking people is test configurations to see if things work the way we think they will.

Case in point, I just had a talk with a fellow Champion, Teren Bryson (@someclown) and he was telling me how he used VIRL to prove a concept to a customer that didn’t think something was possible.

So that’s what this post is about.

The VIRL Setup

The first thing I want to point out is that this concept will work with other virtual machines. I just happen to be into security and needed to test some ACS configurations when I did this. I have also done this with Cisco ISE as well as the WLC and even the Cisco ASA 1000v prior to the ASAv being integrated directly into VIRL.

You can start by installing VIRL in your choice of virtualization software. In my case, I’m using VMware Fusion 12 Pro on a Mac running OS X Yosemite.

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Zombie and Non-Zombie Technologies and What We Should Be Teaching in Basic Networking Classes

In the networking field, there are a number of technologies that should be dead but that still linger on, at least in our folklore and training, if not actually installed in modern networks. There are also concepts and technologies that are extensively used in modern networks, but that aren’t taught in most basic networking classes.

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