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The Hierarchy of SaaS Testing Needs

Software testing. For a long time, software testing was one of those dark alleys of the software development process. Often ignored, considered as an afterthought, and staffed by “someone else” who did an important job but was outside of the core development process.

Well, that has all changed.

In the SaaS world – especially one governed by continuous delivery – testing is not just an afterthought. It’s a core part of the development process. And like many other engineering processes, there are differing levels of maturity that SaaS development shops can evolve through. In a lot of ways, these different stages of maturity are like Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs. You really, really have to execute on the stuff at the bottom. As you succeed with that you move up to higher levels and achieve greater levels of happiness – in this case through greater quality of software. In the case of testing, each layer is like a filter – each of them catching bugs. The layers at the bottom catch the most basic, easy-to-find bugs. As you go up the stack, the technology helps you catch problems that are rarer and more troubling to identify, reproduce, and fix.

Here is my view on the layers of the hierarchy of SaaS testing needs:

heirarchy of SaaS testing needs Read More »

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Presenting a Roadmap for Digital Transformation at NRF 2016

Life in the Digital Vortex is challenging—especially for retailers. In an environment where averaged across industries four of the top 10 incumbents will be displaced by digital disruption in the next five years, retail ranks as the third most vulnerable out of 12. Retailers are also being squeezed between online-only retailers and traditional competitors that are further along with their digital transformations.

But with the threat also comes opportunity. Cisco’s most recent Digital Value at Stake research highlights specific digital use cases that industries can implement now to drive new sources of value.

According to the research, six industries—manufacturing, financial services, retail, service provider, healthcare, and oil and gas—will account for 71 percent of the total private sector Digital Value at Stake over the next decade. Yet, retailers captured only 15 percent of their potential digital value last year.

Retail Infographic_v2.4-01[2]

For more digital transformation stories in retail, click here.

It is clear that retailers need to begin their digital transformation journeys, and do so immediately. If you’re like many retailers, however, you may not know where to begin. What’s needed is a clear path to creating business value from digitization.

If you are thinking about digital transformation, just getting started, or well on your way, I invite you to join me at my Big Idea presentation at NRF on Monday, Jan. 18. Specifically, I will be detailing a roadmap to digital value for retailers, including how to:

  • Assess your current digital assets and capabilities
  • Understand and select specific digital use cases based on our economic analysis
  • Close the gap in digital capabilities to achieve your business goals

By attending my session and learning about a digital transformation roadmap for your business, you will avoid being part of the 40 percent of retailers that could be displaced by digital disruption. Instead, you will be on your way to capturing your share of digital value that’s there for the taking.

See you at the Big Show!

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The 5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Land an Internship

So you want that internship (at Cisco) but you’re not sure how to go about it? Never fear, Jackie Shuler is here (interviewing with me)! She’s the University Relations Lead – East at Cisco, and she gave me some great tips and insights to share with you.

2015-07-16 20.05.11

  1. Start Early – There’s simply no time like the present! Often, freshmen and sophomores are just trying to “find themselves” and figure out what they want to do. However, you should still be attending as many events and networking as much as possible. Starting early may even help you acquire multiple internships. Begin to build relationships in this time with recruiters so they can begin to know who you are and help you when the time comes to go after that dream internship.
  2. Learn as much as you can about the industry and company. This one might seem like a no-brainer to some, but many applicants never even check out a company’s website! Take the time to research the company so you have a better understanding of what they do, the type of applicants they seek, and what opportunities may be made available to you. This will also help you develop questions to take with you to info sessions when campus reps visit your school.
  3. Use Career Services – get your resume ready! Every campus offers resume building workshops and even interview preparation opportunities. Don’t pass these lessons up! Take this time to really work on having your resume stand out from the crowd, and have others look over your resume for any advice they can offer or typos.
    • What makes an Intern resume stand out? Jackie says overall relevance to the position is key, while showing a well-balanced skill set, leadership roles, and project experience. Show your accomplishments, previous project roles, languages, and tech challenges you may have worked through. These points help to open doors for conversations during the interview process!
  4. Network with former interns! Many of Cisco’s former interns make it out to various events throughout the year, get to know them and learn about their experiences as a Cisco intern. Take this opportunity to ask them questions and gain a peer’s perspective on what a Cisco internship might look like.
  5. Use LinkedIn Search! A great feature on LinkedIn is the ability to search for alumni from your school that currently work at Cisco. Briefly take the time to reach out to them and ask them any questions you may have. Connecting on LinkedIn is a great way to further your research and many people will be open to helping someone who is early in the career.

Remember that during this process you want to take initiative and show that you’re interested and even passionate about Cisco as recruiters will do their best to set those candidates up for success. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as possible, and continue to network and reach out to our recruiters. Many times our recruiters will recognize candidates as those relationships build or they ask more questions which can lead to landing your dream internship role with Cisco!

Do you have any insights on what helped get you’re an internship role? Share them with us in the comments below!

Interested in being a Cisco Intern? Apply Now!



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Financial Services and Retail: ‘A (Digital) Tale of Two Industries’

Over the past six months or so, many of my blogs have dealt with the hot topic of “digital disruption” — both as a threat and an opportunity for companies, regardless of industry.

Several industries already find themselves inside this swirling “Digital Vortex,” which possesses the potential to reshape industries faster than perhaps any force in history. The power of the Digital Vortex is undeniable: it will displace nearly 4 of the top 10 incumbents by industry over the next five years, according to a 2015 study by the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation (DBT Center).


Click to Enlarge

As part of its study, the DBT Center ranked 12 industries based on their potential for digital disruption. The No. 3- and No. 4-ranked industries — retail and financial services, respectively — provide a fascinating contrast in how industries are faring as they confront the Digital Vortex. Read More »

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Small Business Update

Hello all,

Welcome to 2016.

I wanted to provide a quick update as we start the new year.

First off, if you did not know, we have a fantastic Small Business support community. There are sections for Routing, Switching, and of course Wireless. In each section you will find a repository of videos on demand on. You will have to register, but it is a quick process. Be sure to check out the knowledge base for our support documents. We also have our device emulators there on the community. The Small Business Support Community Team has been hard at work at improving the already great community, stay tuned for continued improvements.

Now for the good stuff. Yes I saved the best for last…

We have some new products coming up. We have new routers: four new models with web filtering, a VDSL2/Ethernet Wireless AC model, an ADSL2+/Ethernet Wireless-N model, a whole host of new Wireless Access points including a new outdoor model, and a new high-end 500 Series Indoor model.

New switching models include 250 and 350 PoE models adding a whopping sixteen new models.

These new Cisco Small Business products will help you to connect to more, do more for your business, and your business outcomes. Remember, these new models work the best when integrated with other Cisco Small Business models. We have the best support team in the industry. But I’ll save that for another day.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with us.

Marc and Team.

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