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Partner Voices: CenturyLink Helps Retail Customers Drive Profitability Through Managed Services, Cloud

This is the latest in a series of posts featuring partner success stories where partners share how they’re helping customers achieve their goals by using Cisco technology. This week we’re featuring Richard G. Twilley, CenturyLink Vice President, Business Markets Sales, Eastern Region.

Imagine you’re anticipating the holidays and shopping for the children in your life. You, of course, have a smartphone in your hand.  When you realize you’ll face a crowded line just to take home the hottest toy of 2013, you simply tap your phone’s screen to put the toy on layaway.

Now think about the technology and the data crunching required to push personalized coupons, suggested shopping lists, location-based sales, news and information to smartphones. Retailers are harnessing Big Data and mobility to develop stronger relationships with customers.

With technology evolving faster than ever before, and the increasing sophistication and complexity of a modern network, more companies, retailers among them, are turning to managed services and the cloud to deliver transformational solutions that enhance the customer experience and drive profitability.  Read More »

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Easily Deployed Provisioning with Cisco Prime Infrastructure

Time is money. And the more time it takes to deploy and provision devices on your network, the more costly it is for your organization.

On August 21, join our experts for a deep-dive exploration of Cisco Prime Infrastructure, a critical part of the Cisco Unified Access solution, and learn how Cisco Prime Infrastructure can speed the deployment and configuration of your unified access environment. Cisco Prime Infrastructure reduces errors and difficult-to-diagnose configuration issues, through a logical, simple-to-use workflow.

During this detailed session, you’ll hear and see a live demo, and learn how Cisco is reinventing the way that network devices are deployed.

As part of the Cisco Unified Access solution, Cisco Prime Infrastructure delivers a single management point of view. It offers comprehensive lifecycle management of wired and wireless access, campus and branch networks, complete visibility into end-user connectivity, and application performance assurance. Read More »

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Cisco Partner Weekly Rewind – August 9, 2013

Partner-Weekly-Rewind-v2Every Friday, we’ll highlight the most important Cisco partner news and stories of the week, as well as point you to important, Cisco-related partner content you may have missed along the way. Here’s what you might have missed this week:

Off The Top

This week Cisco unveiled details around the popular Value Incentive Program (VIP) 22. A new 90-day grace period, new Cloud Services Reseller Track, and the simplified Express Track are just a few of the changes made to VIP to help make you more successful.

VIP 22 is open for enrollment now until September 6, 2013. Check out the VIP 22 blog post to get details on how to enroll so you can start earning rewards.  Read More »

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Is Your Branch Office Lean Enough?

CiscoAndStorMagic2Many branch offices rely on Cisco ISR G2 (Integrated Services Router, Gen 2) as their IT platform.  This router series delivers highly secure data, voice, video, and application services through a modular design.  This turns the router into a platform for WAN Optimization (through Cisco WAAS) and Application Visibility and Control, among other services.

When companies need to add a server into the mix at their branch, Cisco’s UCS E-Series is an obvious choice.  You basically have a server blade that can be inserted right into your router.  The E-Series is especially great for multisite organizations that have centralized IT but still need to host applications locally at their branch office. This need can come from performance requirements, survivability, or compliance, for example. Read More »

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Big Data and the Internet of Everything

According to a recent Cisco News article the Internet of Everything (IoE) is a multi-trillion dollar opportunity that incorporates data gathering, data processing, data analysis, data visualization, data optimization, data storage and retrieval, etc.  Data is being generated at an exponential rate and with the IoE even more data will be generated.

The companies that win in this space are going to be the ones who understand how to synthesize meaningful relationships from the ocean of data (i.e. contextually relevant relationships), how to discern new knowledge, how to act on this knowledge, and how to communicate this new knowledge based on the context of an end-user or a machine.

Big Data technologies will play a pivotal role in the IoE, and therefore provide many opportunities for innovation; those wishing to gain a better understanding of several of the technologies involved in this exciting field are encouraged to watch the following video.


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