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What Do Technical Sales People need to achieve Maximum Success?

Ask any salesperson who sells technical products or services about their daily routine and they will tell you “There is no such thing as a daily routine”.  Technology sales professionals often find themselves addressing product or service issues, researching customers and prospects, cold-calling leads, tracking sales performance against goals, visiting with clients, completing paperwork, analyzing reports, collaborating with engineering teams, developing solution configurations and much more each and every day.

These sales people often feel fragmented because they are stretched in so many different directions. As a result of wearing so many different hats, technical sales people often don’t focus enough time on what’s really important: selling and closing new business for the company.

Now, all of the aforementioned tasks are important to the success of a sales person or sales team but HOW they are accomplished and WHO handles them is the big question.  Developing a holistic support model that salespeople can leverage is the key to maximum success.  But not every business has the resources available to unburden their sales teams from many of the non-revenue focused tasks that can suck the energy out of a sales professional. Read More »

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A Magical Squared Moment

One of the problems we’re working to solve with Project Squared is to enable teams to work much more flexibly – any time, any place, any device. We believe that ad-hoc conferencing is a key part of this, which is why it features prominently in the application right now. I had a great experience – magical almost – with the app last week, and I wanted to share it with you.

A few developers, product managers, designers, and I were in a Squared Room, heatedly discussing the right user experience for a new feature we are considering adding to the app. The chat conversation was coming in bursts throughout the day. Around evening time in California, the discussion started up again. One of the participants was about to get in his car to drive home, so he took a gamble and hit the “call” button. It was actually quite late for me (I’m on the east coast), so I initially ignored the incoming invite, assuming others would as well. However, I saw that the call was still going on a few minutes later, so obviously something was going on. I was on my mobile, but figured I’d pop in and see what was happening. So, I clicked the join button.

When I joined, there was a heated discussion going. Four other folks were live in the call having an argument. The initiator of the call was still driving – thankfully his phone was lying down next to his seat and not in his hand! One of the others was outside a restaurant waiting to be seated. The other two were in a conference room in the office, working on some UX sketches on a whiteboard. We talked for about ten minutes, and actually made some good progress. The fellow in the restaurant reported a similar experience to mine – he initially ignored the request for the group call because he was at a restaurant. But seeing that the call was continuing, he jumped in to check it out.

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Cisco Partner Weekly Rewind – January 23, 2015

Partner-Weekly-Rewind-v2Each week, we’ll highlight the most important Cisco Partner Ecosystem news and stories, as well as point you to important, Cisco-related partner content you may have missed along the way. Here’s what you might have missed this week:

Off the Top

Great blog this week from Raja Sundaram. He posted Delivering Business Solutions with Connected Analytics and it’s a good look at how Cisco is using its strength in hardware, software, services and partnering to provide powerful analytic solutions.

If you’re interested in how Cisco can partner with you to ensure your data analytics strategy is in place, be sure to check out Raja’s blog as it can provide insight on how:

  • Partners will be able to tap into a high revenue stream as IT services spend, driven by big data, reaches $44B
  • Big data services opportunities supersede hardware and software opportunities, allowing partners to put a premium on these services
  • Partners will be able to wrap business intelligence, analytics, and data management solutions with their capabilities to deliver value-added services that differentiate their practice

Take a look and let us know what else we can relay to you around data analytics. Read More »

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Hope for Securing the Internet of Things

I talk and write a lot about the benefits of connecting more things to enterprise networks, and the most frequent concern that I hear is the worry that deploying an industrial IoT will open up thousands more security holes to the network. With an understanding of the new threats and important defenses that come with the IoT, industrial organizations need not let fear prevent them from leveraging the transformative possibilities of Internet of Everything. Read More »

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Delivering Business Solutions with Connected Analytics

“Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the earth.” That is a quote more than 2,000 years old by Greek mathematician and astronomer, Archimedes. Fast forward to today’s technology-enabled world and I believe that connected data analytics is that lever and Cisco is the ideal place to stand. Through the Internet of Everything (IoE) — the networked connection of people, process, data, and things — massive business opportunities are available and become more salient with each passing day.

According to the annual IDC Digital Universe study, in a mere five years, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for each human being on the planet. Yet, incredibly, nearly 99.5 percent of data (currently) is not analyzed and therefore not effectively utilized nor monetized. Because of the tidal wave of data, new analytical strategies are required. Most data are widely distributed, have a brief shelf life of usability, or are just too large to move efficiently. Today’s businesses require solutions that enable near real-time analysis to turn data into insight and actionable strategies.

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