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Cisco Cius and ūmi take Center Stage in Prime Time

Last week, Cisco solutions made a big splash across two of television’s hottest shows!

On Tuesday, May 3rd, the main characters on the hit CBS show, NCIS: LA, used the Cisco Cius tablet to help catch the bad guy and solve the case! Using the Cius across multiple scenes, main show characters Sam, Callen, Eric, and Nell use the device for a live video session while docked to analyze clues in the lab, then go mobile with the Cius to continue the video conversation and deliver proof of the crime. If you missed last night’s heart pounding episode, check out a short clip to see the Cius in action:

This Mother’s Day, May 8th, viewers were be able to see how ūmi, Cisco’s Home TelePresence solution, is allowing people to be together from anywhere. We’re excited to announce that Cisco was a proud participant in Sunday’s episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on ABC.  We teamed up with ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to help the Prewitt-Brewer family stay connected with their relatives across the country. Click here to watch a clip from Sunday’s amazing episode:

Showcasing Cisco products in television and film is an exciting way to demonstrate the powerful impact Cisco solutions can make on business and in the home. Whether you are fighting crime or connecting with your long-distance family on our ever-growing Human Network, Cisco is truly changing the way people work, live, play and learn.

Check out the videos, share your thoughts and let us know what you think!

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The Virtual Doctor Is In

If you are like me, going to the Doctor’s is not a favorite task…I especially hate the waiting in the office knowing that I am surrounded by germs, contagions, and other icky stuff. So the idea of being able to see my doctor virtually is very appealing to me! Connected healthcare is not a new concept and Cisco has been leading the way in providing technology solutions that reduce the cost of quality care for chronically ill patients, increase the control on infectious diseases, produce a reduction in epidemics, decrease the rate of medical errors, and provide better customer service.

Before we proceed let’s define connected health, according to Wikipedia the definition is:

Connected Health is a term used to describe a model for healthcare delivery that uses technology to provide healthcare remotely. Connected health aims to maximize healthcare resources and provide increased, flexible opportunities for consumers to engage with clinicians and better self-manage their care. It uses technology – often leveraging readily available consumer technologies – to deliver patient care outside of the hospital or doctor’s office. Connected health encompasses programs in telehealth, remote care (such as home care) and disease and lifestyle management, often leverages existing technologies such as connected devices using existing cellular networks and is associated with efforts to improve chronic care.

This video provides a framework for Cisco’s vision of the future of healthcare.

With Cisco’s Community for Connected Health Summit and HIMSS taking place this week it is no surprise that new announcements are being published regarding the continued evolution of connected healthcare. Some of the announcements over the last couple of weeks include:

There are other exciting ideas being discussed regarding using virtual reality to treat phobias and robots to engage in health assessments at home.

KVIE Public Television’s, “Digital Doctors — The Future of Healthcare,” features coverage of Cisco’s work in advancing telehealth services in healthcare.  This segment examines how new advancements in healthcare technology are enabling doctors and other clinicians to remotely interact and diagnose patients from miles away.

I for one am looking forward to no more icky waiting rooms, yeah to the doctor always being in!

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Cisco WebEx Brings Mobile Video Conferencing to the Apple iPad

Way Cool.  There is no other way I can describe our new WebEx for the iPad app version 2.0 that is available as of today from the Apple App Store.  It brings the compelling high-quality, multi-stream  video conferencing features to the iPad app we announced last month– and the experience rocks.  With a swipe of a finger or a quick tap you can instantly see the video of all meeting participants, zoom into full screen video of just the active speaker and toggle seamlessly between video and the content being shared.  We’ve also added highly requested host capabilities in this release.   It is quite simply the best experience we have delivered in my eight years here at Cisco WebEx.

When we first ventured into the world of mobile apps almost two years ago with the Cisco WebEx app for the iPhone in January of 2009, I knew it would be “Cool”, but what I didn’t realize at the time was just how truly valuable  these new mobile apps were going to be.  Based on our usage data, regular conversations with customers and my own personal experience I can now confidently say that WebEx mobile really does improve business productivity by enabling all participants, wherever they are, to easily join a WebEx meeting and collaborate fully.  This trend is only accelerating thanks to mobile tablets which are ideal form factors for consuming rich media such as meetings.  Our usage of the WebEx app on the iPad is much higher and growing faster than usage on smartphones.  Others are seeing this too; just this month, Cisco WebEx was named one of the Top 15 Essential iPad Apps for Work by PC World.

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