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Cius: The Inside Story

I have to be honest and tell you that we did not approach this particular show with an attitude of ‘Yeah!  CIsco has a tablet.’  But I am still being honest when I say…that all changed.  This is that story.

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Convergence Live: Cisco at Automation Fair, 16th-17th November 2011

Automation Fair is just around the corner – two weeks from now.  Convergence will be alive at AF this year.   My colleagues Peter Granger and Andrew Lach have blogged about Cisco’s overall presence and our social media channel, respectively.

In my video, I highlight the Innovation and Collaboration that the convergence of plant and enterprise networks enables, which we will be showcasing in our Cisco booth on the AF show floor, including:

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Missed it? A Recap on Tuesday’s Events from Cisco Live 2011

It’s been a whirlwind of a day at Cisco Live! In case you missed anything, here’s a quick recap on the day’s events.

To kick off the morning, we announced a refresh of the world’s most widely deployed switch, the Catalyst 6500. Fun fact: the new Sup2T is powerful enough to handle 250 Harry Potter DVDs per second!

Cisco Live! 2011 - July12-44

SVP John McCool and Scott Gainey

Then our Chairman and CEO, John Chambers, ushered in by a flash mob, delivered his keynote address to a packed house and a virtual audience of 40,000 from over 150 countries!

Cisco Live! 2011 - July12-156

Flashmob takes over Cisco Live

Cisco Live! 2011 - July12-83

John Chambers delivers his keynote address

Next, I got a behind the scenes look at some of the impressive technology that goes behind supporting over 15,000 Cisco Live attendees. It took about 4 days to build the Network Operations Center and it tracks realtime traffic on the network in the convention center.

And finally, I got my hands on the new Cisco Cius. It may not come with Angry Birds out of the box, but I’m told if you’re on your IT Manager’s good side, they just might enable it for you… oh, and it has HD video, Cisco TelePresence, and VXI technology.

Exclusive Immersive Cius Experience-15

Hands on with Cius

Check back again tomorrow for more news and updates from CiscoLive 2011 and click here for more photos from the day!

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Two Partners Offer Advice on How to Drive Sales with the Cius and AppHQ

“Use it. Know it. Sell it.” That’s what Ken Snyder, emerging technology solutions manager at partner CDW, has to say about the Cisco Cius, the ultra-portable enterprise tablet that’s changing the way that businesses work.

With its integrated Wi-Fi, 4G data, 720p HD video, and interoperability with Cisco TelePresence systems, not to mention its inclusion of one-click access to WebEx meetings and AppHQ, the new application ecosystem built specifically for Cius, the Cius can be a powerful tool that can help customers collaborate and work from remote locations, both seamlessly and securely.

The Cius enables multiple opportunities for partners to drive sales, offer professional services and expand their customer base, according to Richard McLeod, Cisco’s senior director of collaboration sales in the Worldwide Partner Organization. He says there are opportunities for partners to upgrade their customers’ networks, particularly since it cuts across Cisco’s technology architectures: Collaboration, Data Center and Virtualization, and Borderless Networks.

And that’s definitely what I heard when I chatted with Ken, as well as with Steve Reese, director of solutions marketing for partner Nexus IS, Inc., about their experiences using the Cius and selling it to customers. Ken and Steve also offered advice to partners looking to include in the Cius in their portfolio.

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Meet the Creators of Cisco’s Social Business Network: Quad

I was over in Cisco’s building 32 the other day and was about to meet with the collaboration team when I saw something that looked a lot like Facebook running on a Cius and an iPhone.  As I went over to explore, I met Raghurama Bhat and Ashish Chirputkar, the two ‘humble’ engineers who created Cisco Quad, our enterprise social collaboration platform.

I started wondering how Bhat and Chirputkar had the time to develop Quad, how internal development began, and why a Facebook,Twitter or LinkedIn for the enterprise makes sense.  So with my HD video camera already in hand, I recorded this interesting feature interview.  These two engineers and their team had a huge impact on how work is now done at Cisco where over 70,000 employees live their days in Quad to get their work done and collaborate.

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