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Cisco Wireless Networks Connects a Generation

Your mom and dad are on Facebook, your Grandma has a cell phone and your Uncle Oscar reads the morning paper on his tablet. If you haven’t noticed yet, it’s not just young people who are connected to their devices anymore. Erickson Living—one of the United State’s largest operators of continuing-care retirement communities—knows this fact only too well.

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“There’s nothing new about the need to remain connected,” said Hans Keller, Vice President, IT Operations, Erickson Living. “It’s just that our residents have moved way past traditional family phone calls. They’re active in social media and part of the new wave of connectivity.”

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Cisco Tackles Australian Rugby League Networking Problems

Ask anyone who’s witnessed a match; rugby is one of the tougHAI72477ahest sports in the world. But, as the National Rugby League (NRL) of Australia recently found out: running a
rugby league without a robust wireless network infrastructure can be even tougher.

Recently the NRL, which is the top rugby league in Australia and New Zealand, moved its league offices to Sydney. With its new headquarters, the league felt this was the right time to update their network infrastructure to fit its evolving needs. The NRL wanted create a new outbound call center to drive club membership and the ability to support a rapidly growing mobile workforce.

With a third of their 600 employees being mobile, the NRL felt it was important that their new solution allowed people to work from any location and have the same user experience as if they were in the NRL offices. In addition, they wanted only one vendor to provide the unified data center and communication solution. Read More »

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Innovations that give your network a boost.

As technology consumers, we take almost every aspect of wireless connectivity, network technology innovation and performance for granted. As technology workers, we tend to think about standards more than most people. But even so, do you really think about standards much when you use one of your many wireless devices? When you bought your tablet, did you wonder whether it supported 802.11n or 802.11a/g? Did you think it would matter when you started using it? And when a new standard gets introduced, do you jump online or race to the tech shop to swap out all of your devices so they support that new standard. I’ve never seen an ad for a device that uses standards compliance as a feature or benefit, just as no one has ever said to me, “Hey, check out my new smart phone! It’s 802.11n compliant, man! It’s so cool!” My point: we generally choose our devices based on features and price, rather than on standards compliance. (Well, there are many who are paid to test new devices for standards compliance, so my opinion will not be without some controversy to someone.)

The reality we face, however, is that wireless networks need to account for and support multiple standards, just as they must support multiple device types. The challenge for IT managers is to ensure that they are providing the best experience for users wherever they are on the network, efficiently, so that a user with an older device has the same experience as a user with a newer device. Cisco ClientLink 2.0 Technology does just that.

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