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Security Today – Magic or just a throwback to a 1960’s episode of Star Trek?

Stealing a quote from Arthur C. Clarke: “Any technology, sufficiently developed, is indistinguishable from magic”. Some people would certainly consider security these days as magic. Okay, so much for that reference, but what does Star Trek have to do with government and security, my typical topics. Star Trek, although mostly about exploration sure seemed to have a bit of a “Space Military” characteristic to it. Isn’t that what the Star Fleet was all about? (no offense intended, Capt. Kirk.)

Lately, I’ve been doing some research for a paper on the integration of physical and logical security (I did an initial paper that you can see here: Click on “The Necessity of Security”) and it dawned on me how very similar the technology of today is to the science fiction of the 1960’s, or in Mr. Clarke’s case, magic. So here is a synopsis of some of my observations. I’m sure there are more; please feel free to reply with what I’ve missed or your own favorites.

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CiscoLive 2011: “Learn. Connect. Collaborate. Together.”

Hi everyone.   I’m starting to pack my bags for Vegas and looking forward to being the host for Cisco Live 2011 – my third year as host.

I’ll be joining about 14,000 (!) of you at The Mandalay Bay hotel, and about 40,000 of you will be joining us virtually – from either ustream or the Cisco Live virtual landing page (where you can also access the ustream broadcast).

This is a record breaker for total attendance (about a 15% increase over last year) so it’s either me or the slot machines bringing so many of you to Vegas.  I’m having a lot of fun hearing from some of you already on the Cisco Events mobile app.  All the downloading instructions are on the Cisco Live site.

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