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Use IP Video Surveillance to Gain a Strategic Advantage

Does your business use video surveillance? If not, why not?

It’s funny; when we introduce a product we think we know what it does and how it will be used.  By that I mean we spent time, money and thought looking at what people do at work and how we can make it easier.  When we launched IP Video Surveillance we thought “Cool!  Now people can have their surveillance cameras on the network, they can look at their business from anywhere and we have a storage device that makes it easy to go back to review tapes if you need to.  Wow, we’re awesome!” We had barely considered the possible uses.

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Why the Flip Camera Should Be in Your PR Toolkit

I’m biased. We bought Pure Digital, maker of The Flip, back in March. So stop reading if you like. If you are still reading, here are my top reasons why the Flip Video Camera is great for any and all PR professionals.

1. Phenomenally good for media training. I do a lot of media training and while I give my feedback for why an answer is good or has “opportunities,” the Flip doesn’t lie. I take it into media training sessions and during the mock interview I record. When I give feedback, I either go answer by answer on the video or I give oral feedback and then send the video via mail afterwards. I think it has had a big impact in helping improve our media spokespeople…because, hey, everybody can improve, right? And, seeing yourself on video gives you great feedback and practice when doing broadcast or company videos.

2. Great for social media releases, blogs and even bubbletweet. The beauty of The Flip is that it is VERY easy to use. And compact. And, idiot proof (i.e. limited to no training required). We started using video in PR in earnest about two years ago. We bought a nice HD camera. We created a Cisco YouTube channel for our videos. And we started embedding them in blogs and using them to visually tell our stories. We love video at Cisco and these videos have been successful. One drawback, however, was the availability of the camera…and then cameras. Who has it, I need it, etc. Now, with the Flip…we all have one. We can always capture something on the fly or do a more formal, tri-pod assisted video. It IS a part of our PR teams toolkit. Further, now that we all have one it is also a part of our yearly objectives to USE it. We all have to make at least one video a quarter and post it to our blog or otherwise use it in the furtherance of PR. If you are with the media and you haven’t yet received a pitch from us via Flip video…WATCH YOUR INBOX…it’s gonna happen. Read More »

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