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Getting to BYOD for Government

BYOD: If It’s Really Inevitable, How are you going to get there?

Hi, my name is Cheryl Hewett and I am the Global Marketing Lead for Cisco Public Sector Services. I may work for a technology company, but I would definitely classify myself as a technology user…not an implementer. Like many of you, I find my need to balance work and home life crucial to my personal well-being. Having a single smart phone to manage both parts of my life has been a game changer.

According to a recent report in the LA Times, the International Telecommunications Union has issued a new report stating that at the end of 2011, 6 billion people had a cellphone subscription. That means 6 in 7 of us have a cellphone!

Our use of personal devices for work continues to increase, even in government organizations. The expected trend is for new employees to increasingly demand more use of their personal devices within their workplace. Read More »