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Social Spoken: Cisco’s Summer Poetry Series

The Network: Cisco’s Technology News Site” worked with Ironbound Films to produce a series of original poems written and performed by some of the best spoken word poets in the world.  All performances were filmed at the famous Bowery Poetry Club in Manhattan. This introduction video explains that the poems focus on the real life uses and impact of the network on our daily lives.

Our first poem/video will run this Friday, June 24 and a new one will run each Friday for 10 total weeks. We hope you have a great summer and we hope that this series gives you a little entertainment and a little different way of learning about the power of the network in our lives.

Our first poet is Aneta Brodski.  Aneta is a deaf poet whose poem describes how she can “speak” to her family in Australia using the power of video.

“Aneta?” her aunt in Victoria, Melbourne asks.  “How are you speaking on the phone?”

Aneta responds: “I don’t speak, but this is the magic of technology.  Speaking for me.  Visually.”

Please tune in each Friday for our summer poetry series.  Here’s our line-up of great poets:

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