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Video and Virtualization: Just Another Day at Citrix Synergy

If what I saw at the Citrix Synergy conference in San Francisco this week is any indication of what will be coming soon, I’d better invest in a personal hairstylist.

With video becoming more and more prevalent on the network, whether it be mobile phones, Cisco Cius and other tablets, IP phones, or TelePresence – there isn’t a question of whether or not video is here to stay. But one question remains: Is your network ready? (And maybe one more question: how does my hair look?)

If your customers haven’t prepared their networks yet, here’s something that might give them the extra boost that they need: Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecasted that videos will account for 90% of network traffic by 2013.

By selling Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI), you’ll help customers prepare for that change. We visited the Cisco booth at the conference and caught up with Cisco’s Operations Director Jeff Platon. He gave us a full tour of the end-to-end VXI system with products that utilize high-definition video.

Watch the full tour:

What else did we see at Citrix Synergy? Read More »

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Is Your Network Flexible and Secure?

Remember the old days when work meant sitting at your desk, typing away at your desktop computer, at the office? There was no such thing as a smart phone or even a laptop or a tweet – you just sat at your desk and waited for the network, which was probably running at 56k dial-up speeds or slower. (Now I probably sound like my father who told me he had to walk uphill to school in the snow every day.)

These days, we don’t need to be tied to a desk, but we also expect much more of our networks: they need to be fast, secure, run the applications we need, and allow employees to work anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

So how to design an enterprise network with enough flexibility and security to address users’ needs without CIOs and IT managers having coronaries in the process? And how can enterprise networks live harmoniously (and securely) with our many devices, from smart phones to iPads to laptops?

As we continue the Seven Myths of the Good-Enough Network series over on Silicon Angle, Cisco’s Mike Rau–Vice President, CTO for the Borderless Network Architecture–tackles those questions and more as he dispels the second myth: bolt-on security.

What exactly is bolt-on security anyway? Read More »

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Xerox Corp. and Cisco Team Up to Offer Secure, Cloud-Based IT Services

It may be sunny where you live, but the forecast calls for clouds today as Cisco and Xerox Corporation announced a strategic alliance to deliver cloud-based IT services. The partnership between Cisco and Xerox brings technology solutions that combine network and print cloud services for customers, along with a host of opportunities for partners.

Today’s announcement means that customers can add managed print services to their networks, leverage cloud server infrastructure to scale their application hosting, monitor print devices, manage everything in one cloud environment — and lower IT expenses, too.

It’s a “win-win-win” as Cisco SVP Keith Goodwin tweeted this morning.

What’s not to like? Today’s announcement delivers solutions in the following major areas:

  • Xerox Corporation Managed Print Services over Cisco Borderless Networks:
    This consolidates IT and print management using the network’s embedded security, WAN optimization, and print aware intelligence to monitor print technology and operating costs, to protect confidential data from any location, and to improve employee productivity with advanced mobile and cloud printing applications.
  • Xerox Cloud ITO Services via Cisco UCS and Vblock Infrastructure:
    This accelerates the rollout of new IT services to adapt to changing needs of the workforce and reduce IT costs through a private cloud, the public cloud or through a combination in a hybrid cloud environment.
  • Xerox Mobile Print Solution on Virtual Desktops and Cisco Cius:
    Means (almost) no more worrying. Mobile workers can securely print documents from any email-enabled device – including virtual desktops and Cisco Cius tablet – to any enabled printer using the Cisco Borderless Networks and Wireless LAN solutions.

What’s in it for partners? Read More »

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Cisco and Xerox: Like Lewis and Clark, Only More Now.

Tackling tough problems has always led to great things when strong partners come together. Look at Lewis and Clark, who on May 14, 1804, set off to fulfill a mission assigned to them by President Thomas Jefferson: to identify “a direct and practicable water communication across this continent, for the purposes of commerce.” Not too unlike what we’re trying to do today online. Except now the voyage is to the cloud. To do so successfully, would naturally take a partnership with rich histories of innovation. For Xerox, that includes conceiving of and coining the term ‘ethernet’ back in 1973, creating the first PC with a graphical user interface/WYSIWYG, and creating a multicast backbone to deliver real-time Internet-based multimedia. For Cisco, it’s a history that is rooted in connecting detached networks, pioneering Internet infrastructure, and inventing the first multiprotocol router.  That’s why I’m excited to announce our strategic alliance with Xerox. Our goal: to deliver solutions that take full advantage of the intelligence of the network to simplify IT management by delivering cloud-based services, and technology solutions that combine network and print.

What’s in store? Three joint solutions will help customers and partners use existing IT investments to improve business performance and reduce costs.

1. Xerox Managed Print Services over Cisco Borderless Networks: Consolidates IT and print management with the network’s embedded security, WAN optimization, and print-aware intelligence.  This lets you monitor print technology and operating costs, protect confidential data from any location, and improve employee productivity by supporting mobile and cloud printing.

2. Xerox Cloud IT Outsourcing Services via Cisco UCS and Vblock infrastructure: Speeds the rollout of new IT services. As a result, you’re able to adapt to changing needs and reduce IT costs through a private cloud, the public cloud or a hybrid cloud environment.

3. Xerox Mobile Print Solution on virtual desktops and Cisco Cius: Lets mobile workers securely print business documents from any email-enabled device to any enabled printer, using Cisco Borderless Networks and Wireless LAN solutions. So, you can access and print seamlessly, reliably and securely from any location.

All of these capabilities point to exactly what we at Cisco covered in a webcast on April 27: a ‘good enough’ network isn’t. If you’re serious about breaking new ground and reaching new horizons, you need the right gear, protection, and vision. Just like Lewis and Clark.

To learn more about our partnership with Xerox, Borderless Networks and what we’re announcing at Interop, click here.

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Wireless in the Great Outdoors

Our brand new Outdoor Wireless show just launched today – you can register and watch it here.. but these are the shownotes for your reference..and they make more sense if you watch the show!

Seamless, Scalable, Capable, Unique applications

Mobility is about more than just wireless of course…but even among our wireless coverage, we need to get outside. Outdoor wireless comes with its own unique set of challenges…they fall into a lot of the same categories of course: Interference, Propagation, Noise, to name a few but in general:

Everything becomes magnified outdoors.

Each category can be sliced up in a few areas – rugged design, unique combinations of physical and network security.

So, a focus on education is in order as are some new toys to play with – most notably the Aironet 1550 Series OUTDOOR Access Point.

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