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Meet Sampa Choudhuri: Accomplished and Recognized Cisco Blogger

Sampa’s blog posts on the Cisco Small Business Blog have obtained a strong following from audiences who are attracted to her writing that’s interesting, useful and straightforward.  

Cisco Blogs Program Manager Lindsay Hamilton recognizes Sampa as one of the company’s top bloggers. According to Lindsay, “Sampa publishes quality content that’s both engaging and meaningful. She has the skill of being able to take a complex subject and convey it in a way that’s easily understood and digested by her readers.” I couldn’t agree more based on the number of Retweets, Facebook views and “Likes” that her posts have received. Not only are readers recommending her posts on Facebook, but the posts themselves are also receiving traffic directly from Facebook.

What are the secrets to her social media successes? We recently sat down with Sampa for a short interview to find out.

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